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Math and computer science? Please "hard and dry"!

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On the hartundtrocken.de website, two ESB professors allow math and computer science enthusiasts to learn online.

By Volker Reichenberger & Dirk Schieborn

When it became clear a few weeks ago that the summer semester would take place online, ESB professors Dirk Schieborn and Volker Reichenberger agreed that they wanted to use this opportunity. "Many of the things that we have been dealing with for years, but that we have not used much at the ESB so far, we can now use for the students," say the two professors. They teach math, computer science and data science at ESB Business School, but have both been involved in website design and online publishing since the early days of the internet.

As a lecturer at the ESB, Prof. Dr. Volker Reichenberger and Prof. Dr. Dirk Schieborn doesn't do things by halves. That's why they created their own platform right away: On the www.hartundtrocken.de website, they put their instructional videos online, accessible to anyone interested. "The fact that high-quality teaching is part of the content should be seen from the way it is presented." A YouTube channel, a mailing list, and accompanying Instagram and Facebook channels are also part of a professional appearance for the two professors.

"The entry barrier should be as low as possible, especially for the lower semesters. Access should be possible on the channels that the students otherwise know and use," say Reichenberger and Schieborn. The instructional videos are specially created for the lectures in this semester but can also be viewed “across the board” to refresh content from previous semesters or to find out more about topics such as SQL, formal systems or complex numbers in advance. The content for ESB students consists of exercises, scripts and virtual question-and-answers The first few weeks of hard and dry show that the offer is well received.

“It was clear to us that we had big plans for this, and the effort is immense. But we wanted to show our students that we would do our utmost for them in this difficult situation. "