How do I fix my Facebook passwords

You can delete the Facebook account using your smartphone

Removing the app is not enough if you want to delete your Facebook account

If you have made the decision to delete your Facebook account, it only takes a few a few stepsto put this into action. Removing the app from your smartphone is one of them, but not the only one. Although the rumor still persists among some users, it is not enough just to delete the app icon from your iOS or Android phone. You have now removed the application from your phone. However, this has no effect on your Facebook account. To remove this too, you need to follow a few steps first. Once you have done this, you can then remove the application from your smartphone.

Create a backup copy

There can be many reasons for you to delete your Facebook account. Deleting your account is relatively easy. What you should definitely do in the beginning is one of all of your activities that you have been doing on Facebook Download log. This log is basically a written listing of everything you've done on Facebook in the past. This includes posts on your timeline, uploaded photos and videos, stories, “likes”, messages and much more information. After you have removed your account, all of this information is deleted once and for all. If you want to delete your Facebook account, it is therefore advisable to download this data once. That way you can Retrace what you've done on Facebook in the past. To download the data, first open the app, go to Settings and scroll all the way down to you "Download your information" get displayed.

Delete Facebook account

After you have backed up your data, you can delete your Facebook account. To do this, go to Settings and type in the search line "Account" a. This is definitely the easiest way to find the feature that you are looking for. Choose the first one from the suggestions that appear "Delete your account and information" out. Then tap on the option "Delete account" and on "Continue and deactivate account". As a result, your account including all your data, postings, photos, videos and messages will be permanently removed. For your information: It can take up to 90 days for all of your information to actually be deleted from Facebook.

Remove app icon

After you have successfully deleted your account, you can now do that Delete the app symbol from your mobile phone. After all, you will no longer need access to the social network in the future. If you have an iPhone, hold your finger briefly on the corresponding icon and then tap on the small "x" above the symbol. If you are an Android user, you can remove the application via the app drawer and "Uninstall".