What are the studio headphones under 100

Top 10 over-ear up to 100 euros

We have put together the top 10 best over-ear headphones up to 100 euros for you. The open and half-open models were able to convince in the test.

In over-ear headphones, dynamic headphones designed according to the closed principle are mostly used. These leave the space between the ear and the membrane of the listener closed, thus shielding the outside world from the music and vice versa. Openly designed models offer more transparency and airiness, but they emit sound to the outside world.

As long as the over-ears have a moderate impedance of a maximum of 50 ohms, they do not make any insurmountable demands on portable devices such as smartphones or tablets.

The editors of AUDIO and stereoplay present you the top 10 over-ear headphones, which offer the best compromise between sound, comfort and enjoyment in the price segment of a maximum of 100 euros and can feel equally at home in the home environment as well as when traveling.

Top 10 over-ear up to 100 euros

We present our top 10 over-ear headphones in the price range up to 100 euros. When selecting the models, our editorial team oriented itself ...

Price-performance recommendation: Panasonic RP HX 550

The over-ear headphones from Panasonic are far more expensive than their price would suggest and sound much more elegant than would be expected for this price. Despite the moderate price, the developers of the HX 550 attached great importance to detail and good workmanship.

For example, the flat cable included in the delivery prevents cumbersome and annoying knotting of the one-sided supply line. In everyday life, the Panasonic proves to be a melodious beau that seems to be tailored to a younger clientele with its powerful bass and slightly restrained mid-high range.

Alternative: Philips Citiscape Uptown

The Philips Citiscape Uptown is the perfect alternative for all those for whom the Teufel Aureol Real appears optically too opulent or even too progressive. With the microphone integrated in the single-sided, turbulence-free flat cable, as well as volume control, it is easy to switch between music and phone calls.

The Philips Citiscape Uptown offers its headset functionality to devices from the Android and iOS universe. The Philips is definitely the first choice for a stylish appearance in hectic urban life with a calming euphoria at the same time.

Test winner: Teufel Aureol Real

As the only openly conceived model within the top 10, the Teufel Aureol Real shows all competitors in the price segment up to 100 euros, where the current reigning - tonal milestone - can be found.

The Aureol Real delivers a balanced sound that accompanies longer listening sessions with finely structured, three-dimensional images. The discoloration-free bass and the fine-nerved mid-high range make you sit up and take notice.

Buy nowTeufel Aureol Real open over-ear headphones ...

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