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Today the SRM Training System is for the world's best professional cyclists and triathletes such as Greg Lemond, Mario Cippolini, Paolo Bettini, Erik Zabel, Nicole Cooke, Kristin Armstrong, Amber Neben, Sabine Spitz, Mark Cavendish, Bert Grabsch, Normann Stadler and many national teams, sports universities , Trainers and all serious recreational athletes an absolute must. Cyclists have been using the SRM Training System as a reliable and indispensable training tool for years. But other athletes such as ice hockey players, Formula 1 pilots and cross-country skiers also use the SRM Training System on their training bikes. The principle has proven itself under all conceivable conditions for over 20 years - SRM was even there in weightlessness on the MIR space station!

In order to meet the increasing demand - also from ambitious amateur and hobby athletes - a wide variety of versions of the SRM Training System are now available. Whether on the road, off-road or on the train: the engineers at SRM develop efficient solutions for every area.

SRM attaches great importance to the highest quality in all areas. Optimized manufacturing quality and the use of high-quality materials guarantee the absolute reliability of our devices. And that for almost three decades: Quality made in Germany.

Every SRM system is an individual production according to your requirements and wishes. You determine the crank type (Shimano, FSA, Cannondale, Specialized etc.), the crank length, the chainring size, the color of your decoration and your PowerControl.

The excellent quality of the results with the SRM Training System has already got around beyond the cycling scene: Today sailing teams crank on special constructions to determine how many watts they have to generate in order to have the keel ahead in the next Ocean Race. Athletes in wheelchairs measure their performance, there are hand bikes and even a solution for trotting! And that's just the beginning of many new ideas from SRM.