Can I return a partially assembled item?

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Return the shelf?

57 percent of online shoppers have already bought furniture online, according to a current study by Trusted Shops. But even if shopping from the sofa at home is unbeatably convenient, buying furniture online has its pitfalls.

Does the right of withdrawal also apply to furniture?

A 14-day right of withdrawal also applies to furniture.

This time should be used to check the shipment. The shipment should be complete and undamaged.

You can also assemble the furniture without hesitation. The dealer cannot demand any compensation for this.

▶ ︎ If the piece of furniture has lost its value through use, the retailer can have this refunded. Because the use goes beyond the mere examination of the properties. For example, you use the new table for a week and it has the first scratches. The dealer can have this loss of value replaced.

The cancellation of the purchase must be made unmistakably clear to the entrepreneur, but not justified.

It is therefore not sufficient to send the goods back without comment. We recommend that you withdraw your consent in writing so that you can prove it. It is also only effective if it is sent within 14 days of receipt of the goods. The buyer is not liable for delays or damage to the freight.

Important: If you want to return the goods, you should document this in writing - if you have to prove the timely receipt of the cancellation.

What to do if a screw is missing

If a screw is missing, it is a defect.

▶ ︎ You can therefore request delivery of the screws at the dealer’s expense. Alternatively, you can declare your revocation, send back the defective piece of furniture and request reimbursement of the purchase price.

Who bears the return costs for bulky goods?

Since summer 2014, consumers have to bear the return costs themselves in the event of a cancellation.

However, the retailer must reimburse the cost of shipping the goods to your home in the event of cancellation, as well as all further payments.

▶ ︎ The prerequisite: You have been duly informed about this. If the goods cannot be returned by normal post or in the usual way, the retailer must specify the return costs. This should always apply especially to assembled pieces of furniture.

The buyer must be informed of these costs for the return before placing the order. If this has not happened, you do not have to bear the costs.

What if tailor-made products don't fit?

▶ ︎ If pieces of furniture were made according to your own ideas or individual dimensions, these are excluded from the right of withdrawal.

However, if the dealer incorrectly implements your information, the warranty law applies. Because of course you can ask for a defect-free cabinet.