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The diverse cuisine of the USA

Burgers come in many different varieties in the United States. (Photo by: belchonock / Depositphotos)

From the Creole cuisine in the southern United States to the European influences in the heartland, the cuisine of the USA offers Diversity and variety. Every region has its classics, secrets and peculiarities when it comes to ingredients.

Over the years, American cuisine has evolved as differently as its various regions. The south still has influences of the slaves, im Northeast it is mainly them regional seafoodwho determine what happens. A culinary journey of discovery in the USA is always connected to the history and society of the regions. This brings with it a wonderful variety of dishes, ingredients and spices for gourmets and connoisseurs.

New England Cuisine

The Northeast the country is still strongly influenced by its Irish Catholic immigrants. Typical stews, simple dishes but hearty cuisine are on the menu here. The closer you get to the coasts to the east, the more important the seafood becomes.

The area is particularly famous for its Clam chowder, a thick clam soup and the so-called lobster roll, a sandwich made from the finest pieces of lobster.

Homestyle cooking in the southeast

From the two Carolinas down to Florida this is "Home style cooking"Widespread to this day. Above all, it convinces with very rich, not to say fatty, dishes. Fried chicken, hearty barbecue and sauces with a lot of cream can be found here in restaurants and local kitchens.

The city kitchen with its barbecue

They are particularly well known Southern states along the Gulf of Mexico but for their barbecues. It is not uncommon for these barbecues to be celebrated in the neighborhood for an entire day. Pork is especially popular here. Pork ribs with marinades and so-called rubs - a mixture of various spices - gives the meat its taste.

But banana pudding and banana bread are also a reference to the slaves who once determined the social image here.

The Creole cuisine of Louisiana and New Orleans

The particularly well-known Creole cuisine can also be found in the south. Together with the Cajun cuisine it determines what happens in New Orleans, Louisiana and the entire route all the way to Texas. There are above all Caribbean and African influences of the former slaves, who have established their own range of spices and new ingredients here. It is considered one of the most famous cuisines in the United States and is considered by many of the country's residents to be the national sanctuary for culinary development.

Seafood, fatty steaks and stews are part of it. Gumbos, jambalaya, and bean stews are the norm. In addition, the food here is comparatively spicy and intense in taste.

The contrast goes well with this: fine French cuisine can also be found in many of New Orleans' restaurants.

TexMex kitchen in the south-west of the country

The Texan cuisine developed out of the scarcity of the region and its proximity to Mexico. What is left of the old cowboys' dishes is mainly the meat consumption and the grilled food.

The Mexicans brought with their influences the mexican cuisine especially spices like the chilli with. Texas is arguably the greatest evidence of a culinary melting pot in the United States.

California - culinary influences from all over the world

California is one of the last parts of the United States to be developed by settlers. That's why people from every part of the world live here today. The cuisine around Los Angeles is correspondingly diverse.

Chinese influences are available as well as typical European cuisine. California is known for the fact that the different styles blend together and are complemented by the fresh ingredients of the region.

American cuisine classics

Apple Pie is the epitome of the USA, this one tastes lukewarm best. (Photo by: belchonock / Depositphotos)

1. Sandwiches

The variety of American sandwiches is known all over the world. The classics differ depending on the region and are an absolute must-have for every visitor to the country.

2. Apple Pie

In addition to the New York Cheesecake, the Apple Pie is the American cake recipe and a classic in the field of desserts ... American Apple Pie

3. Gumbo

The thick stew with seafood, meat and vegetables is the classic of Creole cuisine.

4. Jambalaya

Another example of the Cajun-Creole mix in the south of the country and a wonderful rice dish with freshly caught from the sea.

5. Spare ribs

Anyone in Germany who thinks they like spare ribs will definitely not get enough of the original from the USA ... American spare ribs

6. Fried chicken

The deep-fried or roasted chicken is still an absolute classic in American cuisine to this day.

7. Pulled pork

The pork cooked for hours, strongly marinated and then plucked is a classic of the barbecue ... Pulled pork basic recipe

8. Sushi

In California in particular, sushi has developed its own specialty that is worth trying out.

9. Burger

This does not mean the many fast food chains, but the signature burgers in restaurants that are spread all over the USA ... burger recipes

10. Buffalo wings

A classic of American fast food with a unique marinade. Enjoy with blue cheese dip ... Buffalo Wings

11. Hot dogs

The side dishes for the popular hot dogs can vary depending on personal preference. (Photo by: belchonock / Depositphotos)

Especially in New York you should have tried one of the typical hot dogs of American cuisine ... American hot dogs

12. Lobster Roll

The hot dog is a must-have, the lobster roll even more. A real delicacy made from the finest lobster meat ... Lobster Roll

13. Steak

The porterhouse steak in particular is a key element of American steakhouses ... steak recipes

14. TexMex

Whether nachos, tacos or chili con carne - TexMex cuisine is known all over the world.

15. Crab cakes

The crab cakes are a typical part of New England cuisine and can be found all over the United States.

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