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Illegal Imports of Medicines 2020: Medicines from the Internet are still in demand

Consistent prosecution for drugs containing narcotics

Illegal imports of drugs containing narcotics, e.g. Xanax or Valium, were consistently reported to Swissmedic by the Federal Customs Administration. The authority to prosecute in this area lies with the cantonal authorities, which is why Swissmedic drafted corresponding reports to the cantons and was able to conclude the proceedings. This process was reviewed and adjusted last year. Since 2021, criminal complaints from the Federal Customs Administration have been sent directly to the cantons for shipments containing drugs containing only narcotics.

In addition to administrative action proceedings for the illegal import of non-narcotic drugs, Swissmedic can also initiate administrative penal proceedings, e.g. in the event of repeated orders. Either Swissmedic or the Federal Customs Administration are responsible for prosecuting illegal imports of medicinal products.

Report suspicion

Swissmedic is the national contact point for counterfeit medicines in Switzerland. Swissmedic checks reports on suspected illegal products, initiates corrective measures if necessary, initiates administrative criminal proceedings or forwards the reports to the responsible national or international bodies. Contact form for information on suspected illegal offers: Medicrime - contact form