What is the best ICO in September

Event: "The Rise of ICO" - The Future of Startup Financing?

For all of you who are wondering why you only heard the terms Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Token Sale in the past few weeks: ICOs or token sales - the sale of your own coin for other cryptocurrencies - have been around for a very long time. actually not yet. In the first half of 2017, however, they experienced a rapid boom. While companies raised $ 69 million through ICOs in the first quarter of this year, that figure rose to $ 800 million in the second quarter - an increase by a factor of 11 in just a few weeks. The Singaporean startup TenX, which was founded by three Tyroleans and raised 80 million US dollars at its ICO in July, was also there.

+++ byte heroes: First completely Austrian ICO in September +++

First Austrian ICO in September

In the meantime, ICOs have also arrived in Austria: With the launch of its own crypto currency "HERO", the Viennese startup herosphere recently announced the first ICO under Austrian law. Despite the hype: ICOs are currently operating in an unclear legal framework. The term “Wild West” is sometimes used in the discussion. At the startup300 event “The Rise of ICO” on October 2nd and 3rd, the myths will be exposed for two days, facts will be examined carefully and what ICOs are. And they always seem to be an exciting option for corporate financing and the mapping of new business models for digital startups.

ICO - questions about questions

But a number of questions remain: Are ICOs the future of corporate finance, especially for digital startups? Or is a bubble blowing up here that, de facto, unregulated by the legislature and unaffected by investor protection, harbors significant risks? What do startups have to pay attention to when they are looking for capital from the crowd with their own cryptocurrency? What are the current legal and tax frameworks like? How are successful ICOs structured?

Best practice examples and deep dive sessions

As part of the “The Rise of ICO” conference in the Tabakfabrik Linz, international speakers will not only talk about the great visions of this special corporate financing based on cryptocurrency. Best practice examples and deep dive sessions provide solid and concrete insights into legal and tax framework conditions as well as technical and marketing-relevant issues. On Monday evening, startup300 invites visitors and speakers to exchange ideas and network with a networking event.

Tickets for the “Rise of ICO” are available online at www.rise-of-ico.com. The organizer of "Rise of ICO" is startup300 AG. Incubator readers receive a 15% incubator discount (approx. 60 euros) under this link.

+++ Julian Hosp from TenX: “Too many cases where token sales are abused” +++

The speakers (selection):

  • Brock Pierce: Managing Partner at Blockchain Capital (founded in 2013, first VC fund dedicated to the Bitcoin / Blockchain ecosystem), Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation
  • Richard Kastelein: i.a. founder and publisher of Blockchain News (specialized in blockchain technology and theory)
  • Jamie Burke: Experienced investor in blockchain startups, speaking to over 1,200 blockchain startups, raised 10 million US dollars in just 6 hours (https://blockchaincapital.tokenhub.com/)
  • Dr. Luka Müller: Partner at MME (one of the leading law firms specializing in advising blockchain companies in the technology sector), legal focus: technology, regulatory compliance, digital finance, and much more, advised on Ethereum (Protocol), Tezos (Protocol), Dfinity (Protocol), Interchain (Interchain of Protocols), Golem (Dapp)
  • Julian Hosp (TenX), Matej Michalko (DECENT), Daniel Zakrisson (cofound.it): 3 founders from the world's top 10 most successful ICOs
  • Bernd Lapp (SwarmCity): Swarm City, affected by “virtual robbery” in mid-July 2017, responded on Twitter with the hashtag #StillBelieveinCrypto, reporting on its ICO, which it says was not entirely successful

All information about the speakers at: rise-of-ico.com/#speakers

Hard facts:

When: October 2nd to 3rd

Where: factory300 in the tobacco factory Linz

Go to the tickets including a 15% discount (approx. 60 euros)here!