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Lorenzo St. John

All these years I kept a secret to myself. A piece of faith. See, I never believed that life ... the universe, a higher power, whatever you want to call it ... would allow me to experience so much suffering and then die ... without ever real love to have experienced. It would be just too cruel. And when I met you ... my faith was rewarded.

Lorenzo St. John

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Significant transformations

  • Farmer John † (2012)
  • Ivy † (2012)
  • Tripp Cooke † (2012)
  • Many people † (2012 to feed Damon)

Cause of death

  • tuberculosis (as a human)
  • Heart extraction (1st + 2nd time as a vampire)
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Lorenzo St. John, better known as Enzo, is a main character, protagonist, antagonist and vampire. He was a major recurring character in season five of the series before starring in season six. He is a vampire who was previously an Augustine vampire.

He and Damon have a special bond through their Augustine time together and he was transformed by Lilian Salvatore.

During his time with Augustine, he fell in love with Maggie James, but sent her away so she would not be endangered. She was later killed by Damon.

In the 5th season he is killed by Stefan, but he returns due to the collapse of the other side.

In the 7th season we learn that he has feelings for Lily, but she chooses Julian. He later enters into a relationship with Bonnie Bennett.

Even before the series finale in the episode "You Made a Choice to Be Good"Enzo dies while Stefan rips out his heart.

Enzo is a member of the St. John family.



Enzo was in South Hampton, England when he contracted tuberculosis. But Lily Salvatore found him, took him on a ship to New York City to see a doctor and made him a vampire. She took him into her family, which consisted of heretics. But luck did not last long. When the ship pulled into New York, the Gemini coven locked Lily and the heretics in a prison world that Enzo thought they had abandoned him.


Enzo served during World War II where he was found by the Whitmore family who kidnapped him for the Augustine Society. There he was repeatedly met by Dr. Whitmore tortured. With these "experiments" the doctor wanted to find out something about the vampires.

When Damon Salvatore was taken prisoner by Augustine in 1953, Enzo had been there for 10 years. Due to his strong character, Enzo becomes Damon's friend and firm hold in his captivity. Enzo also protects him by volunteering if an experiment is decided between the two.

Enzo devises a plan to have Damon drink each other's daily blood ration in order to be strong enough at the annual Augustine New Year's Eve party in 1958 to enable both of them to escape. Damon also manages to break free from his bonds, but a fire breaks out when a candle falls over. It becomes impossible for him to get Enzo out of the cage because the bars are coated with verbena. He turns off his humanity to get the heart to leave his friend behind to save himself.

The researchers managed to get Enzo out of the flames in 1958 and experimented on him for another 53 years.

Season five

In I know what you did last summer chase Enzo Megan King through the Whitmore house, attack her and throw her through a window on the 2nd floor. Due to the circumstances of her death, this is portrayed as suicide to hide the vampiric background. Enzo is not seen in this episode.

In Amara reveals Wes Maxfield, who was manipulated by Caroline, that Augustine has a vampire and that Enzo has to do with the murder of Megan.

In The cell it is shown that Enzo is alive as he is making his first appearance in the current time. Elena wakes up tied to a table in a laboratory and hears a human noise next to her. She turned her head and saw Enzo introduce himself to her. Since she thought he was dead, she looks at him in shock, but Enzo just keeps humming his song.

In Wes' secret laboratory Wes releases Enzo briefly so he can distract Damon, Stefan, and Aaron. To make sure that Enzo returns, Wes injects him with a poison that will lead to cardiac arrest if an antidote is not injected in time. Enzo explains that he survived the fire because he was freed by a scientist - only so that he could be tortured for another 50 years. It also becomes clear that Megan came to the Whitmore house back then, only to find a starving vampire to kill her. When Stefan and Damon Enzo don't listen, he gets angry and throws a table across the classroom. When Enzo dries up in the following fight, Damon takes him to Wes' lab and injects him with every antidote until Enzo wakes up again. Damon explains that he had to turn off his emotions at the time to leave Enzo behind, but Enzo does not forgive him and calls him a monster.

In The devil in me meets Aaron Enzo in his room. Then Damon also meets him when he comes home, where Enzo is drinking his best bourbon. Damon asks about the contents of a sack that is also there. Enzo tells Damon that he knows his secret. Because Damon kept killing all the Whitmore family members, except for one who could continue the family. Now Enzo apologizes to Damon and offers him Aaron as a sign that they want to renew their friendship. Damon doesn't want to kill Aaron and breaks Enzo's neck. The episode ends with Enzo stopping Aaron's car. Then Damon shows up and kills Aaron, which Enzo takes positively.

In Total heart eclipse want to find Enzo and Damon Wes to kill him. Stefan urges Enzo to leave town, fearing that he will not be a good influence for Damon. But the two kidnap Dianne Freeman, an employee of Augustine, to question her about Wes Maxfield. When she thinks she doesn't know anything, Enzo kills her. Now the two kidnap Jeremy. Damon forces Bonnie to find Wes for her. When this takes too long, Enzo brings Jeremy to the brink of death in an attempt to "motivate" Bonnie. After Stefan and Katherine rescue Jeremy, Damon and Enzo escape, ending up in a trap. After the travelers leave, they discover that Damon has contracted the Ripper virus.

In No escape Damon and Enzo's friendship is put to the test, as Damon has to suppress the urge to want to drink from Enzo, which is why he chained his friend. But he is further provoked by Wes by shooting Enzo, causing him to bleed. In fact, Damon breaks free and starts drinking from Enzo. However, Enzo's blood was changed by the Traveler spell, so that Damon has to drain him. Now Wes gives Enzo a choice: Either he goes forever or he stays with Damon. At first, Enzo doesn't want to go, but Damon asks him to.

In While you slept Caroline searches for a cure for the Ripper virus in Wes' lab, where she is surprised by Enzo, who is also looking for it. Caroline is not very enthusiastic about Enzo, but he explains that he has already found the antidote. Then Stefan calls Caroline over to the travelers. Enzo also appears there and is asked about the cure. Then Sloan emerges and explains that the Travlere have the cure. However, they need another Salvatore doppelganger. This is Tom Avery, whom Enzo and Caroine have to kill so that only one doppelganger couple is alive.

In save me Enzo and Caroline look for the paramedic Tom Avery in Atlanta, which is why they start at a hospital. The two quarrel and do not trust each other. When they learn from a doctor that Tom has been missing for four months, they ask Sloan for a new tip. They get Hazel's address, but they cannot enter the house because Hazel is alive, which is why Enzo kills them without further ado. In the basement they find the unconscious Tom, whom Enzo wants to kill, but Caroline wants to do it. At that moment Tom wakes up confused, whereupon Caroline turns off Enzo and frees Tom. But Enzo finds the two and kills Tom.

In The invasion Damon and Enzo are playing pool together when Caroline calls them and explains that something strange is going on with Elena and Stefan. Damon demands that they find a witch. Caroline and Elena show up at the Salvatore Pension without a witch they called. While Elena and Damon are talking, Caroline and Enzo sit next door and eavesdrop on them. Enzo tells her about Maggie and that he would like to meet her to thank her. Enzo and Damon later meet with Markos, the leader of the Traveler, but he only wants to talk to Damon.

In Enzo's revenge Damon asks Enzo for help, but he wants to meet some people. Then he walks into the bar at Whitmore College, where he meets Stefan. He shows him a picture of Maggie's corpse that Sloan gave him because he thinks that Stefan killed her. He takes Stefan and Elena hostage to find out who killed the love of his life, Maggie. Damon also joins and admits the act, whereupon Enzo switches off his feelings and tries to kidnap Elena. Stefan catches up with him and kills Enzo by embracing his heart and then allowing Enzo to fall back. So Stefan now has to explain to his brother why he killed his best friend. On the other side you see Enzo planning his revenge on Stefan and Damon, because he suspects that he can return.