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Translation for "is already taken" in English

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has already been assigned
The name you chose is already taken.
Lauren, you are a nice young woman, but my heart is already taken.
The name for the changelog, "", is already taken.
The name for the policy, "", is already taken.
If you get an error message, you either dragged the mouse incorrectly or you dragged the mouse is already taken.
A place is already taken, because the President of the EKD Synod, Katrin Göring-Eckardt, is a member of the EKD Council qua office. It was already elected at the first session of the 11th Synod in May 2009.
One seat has already been assigned: EKD Synod President Katrin Göring-Eckardt is an ex-officio Council member, having been elected at the first meeting of the Eleventh Synod in May 2009.
The phone 2L8PI without special programming will always take the external ignes in the same order so if one of them is already taken.
The telephone 2L8PI without special programming will take the external ignes always in the same order the nr 1 and nr 2 then so unless one of them is already taken.
Invalid password Fill in all fields Invalid email address This email address is already taken You must accept the terms of use. Unknown error
The passwords do not match Fill in all fields Invalid e-mail address The e-mail address is already taken You need to accept the terms and conditions Unknown error
Buy domains - with us you will find your desired address You have the perfect web address in mind, but the appropriate domain is already taken?
Let us help you find your ideal address Do you have an idea for the perfect web address, but the domain is already taken?
The specified username is already taken.
The specified starting invoice number is already taken.
We call them foul-smelling active baits, but this name is already taken.
The name of the research evidence system is already taken
The address is already taken. Should the existing entry be replaced?
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