What is 3M window film

3M sun protection film for windows - the optimal window film

With the 3M window sun protection film, buildings can be optimally protected from heat and you save money on air conditioning. In addition, the sun protection film, also called sun protection film, flat glass sun protection or window film, serves as glare protection and for UV reduction. The window film can be attached to the outside and inside of glass panes and to almost any flat glass. With the 3M sun protection film you are choosing a high quality product.

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UV protective film for the window

A UV protective film for windows can be used in various areas, for example to protect against heat and solar radiation. UV protective film for windows is another name for sun protection film. The UV protective film for the window largely reduces harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, the main cause of bleaching damage.

The sun's energy can be absorbed by up to 80 percent through the UV protective film, which makes temperatures in living areas or in offices much more pleasant. This also makes working on screens easier when there is a lot of sun. If the glass breaks, the UV protective film prevents the window from being injured by flying splinters thanks to the tough elastic special film. With its UV protective films, 3M offers a product of very high quality and optimal practical suitability.