Why is Salesforce the world's best CRM

Smart Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the calling card of every company. Customer relationship management not only helps organizations to maintain and intensify existing customer and business relationships, but also enables a targeted approach and efficient new customer acquisition.

Skilfully implemented, a CRM system increases customer satisfaction and leads to improved planning and higher efficiency. But how does a CRM system work, for whom is the approach suitable and are there tools that really support customer relationship management over the long term?

What is customer relationship management?

CRM is understood to mean all measures, strategies and interactions that a company uses to stay in contact with existing and potential customers. Customer relationship management puts the customer in the foreground and enables a homogeneous overall view of the customer. Personal preferences, purchase decisions and communication with customers are recorded, tracked and evaluated. The data collected help companies to better understand customers and to offer tailor-made solutions.

What are the goals of a CRM system?

With the help of a CRM system, customer information can be documented in detail. The recorded data enables the derivation of a personalized customer approach across all sales channels and departments. This leads to improved customer service and a medium to long-term intensification of customer relationships. In order to use the full potential of the approach, however, it is necessary to continuously and seamlessly record all relevant customer data. To ensure this, companies often use so-called CRM software. These computer-aided systems allow uniform data acquisition, often within a single platform. The bundling of data in turn leads to a reduction in redundancies as well as more effectiveness and transparency.

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Who is customer relationship management for?

An organization doesn't have to be a certain size to benefit from CRM. A common platform brings advantages for a wide variety of departments. For example, a CRM solution offers sales the advantage of structured customer acquisition, while at the same time the administrative effort can be sustainably reduced. With the help of the data, the marketing department can in turn create more precise forecasts, get to know their customers better and address them specifically. For customer service, a CRM platform offers the opportunity to view customer history and thus to be able to offer better solution proposals across all channels. In addition, a compliant basis is also a benefit for the administration and the human resources department, which can comprehensively record and manage potential employees and interesting applicants within the system.

What are the advantages of using a CRM solution?

Professional customer relationship management offers a whole range of advantages. In this way, all contact points with customers and business partners are recorded, processed and bundled and analyzed in a structured manner. This leads to complete traceability of the so-called customer journey, whereby, thanks to improved transparency, customized actions can be carried out more quickly. In addition, a CRM platform facilitates cross-departmental collaboration and reduces the coordination work required between the individual organizational units.

Uniform customer approach

With a cloud-based CRM platform, it is possible to address customers and business partners in a uniform manner, regardless of the communication medium chosen. This strengthens the corporate identity and gives all contact persons a harmonious and professional impression.

Improved customer loyalty

The central data acquisition offers the possibility to look after customers individually. All advertising measures can be adapted to the personal preferences of the customer. With the help of personal approach, individual offers and information as well as the consideration of details, appreciation is conveyed, which in turn strengthens trust and customer loyalty.

Better clarity and predictability

Many computer-aided CRM solutions offer clear dashboards and smart tools for analyzing the collected data. The identified potentials, problems and gaps can be taken into account in future planning. This approach creates more realistic planning and gives companies the opportunity to react to potential risks at an early stage.

Reliability and process optimization

If all the data is in a central system, the sudden loss of an employee can be easily compensated by colleagues. In addition, customer relationship management promotes standardization within a company. Thanks to process optimization and the reduction of redundancies, costs can be saved in the long term.

Salesforce: The world's largest web-based CRM platform

Nowadays there are countless manufacturers around the world who specialize in programming CRM software. The world market leader is the San Francisco-based company Salesforce, which according to its own information has more than 150,000 customers. Due to its extensive features and good scalability, the software is particularly popular with medium-sized companies and large corporations. Its most prominent customers include Unilever, Red and BBVA.

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Salesforce at a glance

The web-based customer relationship management software is a cloud-based complete solution that provides a wide variety of functionalities for customer relationship management. The application can be used by sales and marketing as well as by customer service and application development. Thanks to hosting in the cloud, any authorized employee can access the system, regardless of time and place, with an app or a standard web browser. The smart application is divided into different modules.

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Sales Cloud

This area takes care of customer relationship management. The module includes customer data and customer orders, which can be called up and changed as required.

Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud aims to accompany the entire life cycle of a customer. All customer information that has been collected can be accessed centrally, and advertising campaigns can be specifically rolled out across multiple channels. This approach gives companies the chance to create a holistic sales experience, whereby all advertising measures can be easily tracked and evaluated.

Service cloud

The Service Cloud is used for customer service, whereby both traditional and modern communication media are supported. In this way, customer inquiries can be processed uniformly across all channels used.

Salesforce Chatter

For internal company communication, the company offers the Salesforce Chatter module, which employees can use to exchange ideas with one another.

The main modules mentioned can easily be supplemented with additional modules if required. In addition, Salesforce offers extremely extensive reporting, which offers great added value, especially for the decision-makers in the various departments. In the central cockpit, not only attractive reports, but also sales forecasts and performance evaluations can be created at the push of a button.

Salesforce in a nutshell

Salesforce offers a high degree of automation, which significantly reduces the error rate and ensures more data consistency. In addition, the CRM software is ready to use quickly and has relatively low investment costs. In addition, customers benefit from the system's easy adaptability, so that the use of Salesforce can also be profitable for smaller companies.

Every Salesforce Cloud is offered in so-called editions, which differ in price and thus also in the range of functions. There are currently four editions: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited. Different pricing structures are possible for each feature - so every company comes according to its size i. d. Usually at a suitable price.

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Well thought-out and well-developed customer relationship management supports almost all organizational areas and is profitable for almost every company. The use of a computer-aided CRM system in particular offers numerous advantages that contribute to optimizing the customer portfolio. The data acquisition via central customer contact points and the skilful bundling of the data enables a targeted customer approach and efficient maintenance of customer relationships. All of these properties make customer relationship management an important cornerstone for corporate growth, with the possibilities of customer relationship management systems being virtually limitless.

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