Who is the greatest illusionist in 2016

David Copperfield: What does the magician actually do?

David Copperfield is arguably one of the most famous magicians in the world. And his liaison with Claudia Schiffer made headlines.

Talk-Queen Oprah Winfrey describes him as "the greatest illusionist of our time". Magic artist David Copperfield will celebrate his 60th birthday on September 16, 2016 and can look back on an impressive career. In the last few years it has become rather quiet around him. But his life is full of interesting facts. Here are six of them:

1. The German connection

In Germany, David Copperfield caused a sensation primarily through his relationship with top model Claudia Schiffer. They are said to have been a couple from 1994 to 1999. Two of them even engaged, but the separation came before the wedding. Schiffer even appeared on some of Copperfield's shows. For example, she is said to have been beheaded and sawed in half.

2. Magician of the Millennium

David Copperfield is an award-winning magician. For example, he has won 21 Emmy Awards for his TV specials, received the Living Legend Award from the Library of the United States of America and the French government knighted him "Art and Literature". He was also named Magician of the Century and Magician of the Millennium. He was the first magician to receive a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. And his face has already graced his face in six different countries. No other living magician has ever received this honor.

And by the way, he also holds eleven world records. One of them: The best-selling tickets from a solo entertainer - worldwide - go to his account. That's over 40 million.

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3. Extravagance

David Copperfield has been practicing magic tricks since the tender age of ten. And managed to make $ 30 million in the middle of a recession, according to Forbes. Of his fortune, more than 50 million US dollars are said to be in "Musha Cay and The Islands of Copperfield Bay". Copperfield has transformed the eleven islands in the Bahamas into a magical dream resort. If you want to rent, you have to shell out 37,000 US dollars per night - however, up to twelve people are allowed for the price. A total of 24 people can stay there, but then the fun costs US $ 52,500 per night.

4. Las Vegas, baby!

Anyone who thinks David Copperfield will no longer perform is wrong. He does up to 400 shows a year in Las Vegas. On his homepage it is listed under the name "An intimate evening of great illusion". He is usually on stage from Monday to Sunday, twice a night. Once at 7 p.m. and once at 9.30 p.m. There is also the matinee at 4 p.m. on Saturday. Tickets cost between $ 78 and $ 240. The critics in the USA, for example, find it "amazing" and give it a one with a star for the program.

5. Off to Hollywood

But Copperfield doesn't just have his show as a mainstay. He's been involved in Hollywood recently. In the sequel to the surprise hit "The Incredibles - Now You See Me", he wasn't just a consultant on magic issues. He also co-produced "Die Infassbaren 2".

6. Private happiness

Incidentally, David Copperfield found happiness in his private life with Chloe Gosselin. The shoe designer is 30 years younger than him. They have been a couple for over ten years and have been engaged for three years. They have a daughter, Sky, who was born in 2010. It remains to be seen whether the couple will step in front of the altar soon. Gosselin already stated a few years ago that their child together was the greatest bond of all. Hopefully his girls will prepare him a magical 60th birthday party!