Smile lions

At the end of the press conference, Kevin Gaudet smiled. "If you'd asked me two weeks ago if I was happy with eight points after four games - yes, I think so," said the Canadian - looking like he was surprised himself. Only what he was surprised by was his team beautiful has eight points and took third place in the DEL 2, or of having them given these four games just eight points, that was left to the imagination of the audience. Gaudet is definitely surprised by this team, which, as he says, is "still new to him". "I only knew three players," emphasized the Tölzer Löwen coach again on Sunday. But: The better he gets to know his team and their way of playing ice hockey, the greater his joy will be. "I was thrilled with our game," said Gaudet after the 4-3 win in extra time against the Ravensburg Towerstars. Ravensburg is after all the defending champion, and with this team the lions played cat and mouse in the first third. "Ravensburg are champions, it's not easy, I know it," said Gaudet, who won the second division championship three times with Bietigheim. Master teams also have to be changed and only find each other again. Upper Swabia are currently in ninth place, with five points from four games. But that Ravensburg should still belong to the group of the top teams could be seen from how consistently the Towerstars used their chances.

"To be honest, we didn't deserve the point today," said Towerstars coach Valtonen

The Lions apparently led comfortably 2-0 through early goals from defender Matt MacKenzie (3rd minute of the game), who scored in the first power play, and Max French (9th). But they failed to score the third goal despite numerous chances. "We were the dominant team," said Gaudet. Instead of a 3-0 or 4-0 lead, it only went into the first break with a 2-1 lead because Thomas Brandl (12th) had shortened - "only a Mistake ", sighed Gaudet, and the guests struck. After the second period and David Zucker's equalization (39th) one had to worry about the Lions. Already on the first matchday against Bayreuth they were too wasteful with their chances and The goal to make it 2-2 was of course "a gift," said Gaudet, a cross pass in the build-up that jumped off an opponent and slipped into the completely free David Zucker, who was not a big one Had more trouble to beat Sinisa Martinovic in the goal of the lions.

The ricochet came from Marco Pfleger, the returnees from the DEL, who has led the internal ranking with six scorer points and is tenth in the league. Of all people, Pfleger, 28, whose overview and stick work are praised by everyone. Pfleger made up for his lapse later and brought the lions back into the lead in the last third of the power play (46th). But even this lead should not be enough, the lions had to go into overtime for the third time. Vincenz Mayer also scored 3: 3 in the majority game and saved Ravensburg one point. "To be honest, we didn't deserve the point today," said Tomek Valtonen, the Towerstars coach. "But we're happy to have him." It was thanks to French that it stayed at this point, who simply pulled off in overtime and hit the corner. A goal that Kevin Gaudet would probably want more often.

When asked about his team's proliferation of opportunities, the coach admitted that the efficiency could be higher. "But it's good that we get so many chances." Whether the lions hold a top position and can qualify for the playoffs will depend not least on how effectively they use their chances in the future. But this question can only be answered later. With eight points from four games you can be happy for the time being.