What is native architecture

Tourists vs. locals

How a city affects its users differs massively from the respective perspective: While some Viennese almost never immerse themselves in the tourist area of ​​the inner city for weeks or months, conversely, many visitors to this city hardly ever leave the world heritage areas of the city center or Schönbrunn.

A project by the data artist and software developer Eric Fischer makes this visible: “Locals and Tourists” is a collection of 136 city maps from all over the world, which combine these extremely different perspectives and thus make the differences between cities clear - some are extremely marked by tourism , some are rarely visited. Twitter data from 2012/13 was used for these cards: Anyone who tweeted from the same city for more than a month was interpreted as “local”. In contrast, tourists were those who tweeted elsewhere than where they were local. In the maps, the tourists' tweets (regardless of whether they are photos or otherwise) are shown as red dots, those of the locals as blue and those that cannot be assigned as yellow. In the maps on Flickr, helpful users have marked and named the intensely colored zones so that non-city residents can understand the meaning of the maps. The Manhattan map shows intense red zones around and in southern Central Park, along Broadway, in Soho, Greenwich and Lower Manhattan, and near the bridges to Brooklyn. Then there are two hot spots on Ellis Island and at the Statue of Liberty - the rest of Manhattan and Brooklyn are mostly blue. Tourists in Stockholm concentrate even more on the center, outside of which hardly anyone tweets other than locals. In contrast, Rome is continuously red, even if you can clearly see the Vatican and the area from the forum to the Colosseum. Either there are a lot more tourists than locals here, or the Romans don't really care about Twitter. Only Venice is even more extreme. As expected, the Inner City and Schönbrunn are red in Vienna - but so are the Belvedere, the lower Naschmarkt and the Prater. There are small red sprinkles at the central cemetery, at the gasometers, at the Küniglberg, at the Reichsbrücke. The axis from Mariahilferstrasse to Westbahnhof is mixed red and blue.