How does the DC ++ search work

GenesisHub & DC ++ ... how does it work?

I've been inside since yesterday! however, I seem to be stumbling over the 1 GB live recordings * ...

At you can download a couple of shows (user: music / password: genesis), with 1-2 shows
should you actually reach the 1 GB limit then easily!

1. I tried to download any user lists ... did not work! Why?

2. the search mask did not produce any results either. Why?

Hmm, most likely you either have a firewall running (Windows XP !?) and / or you are sitting behind a router and have not made the correct settings or enabled ports.

Question: Have you set passive or active mode in the DC ++ client?

3. which format is being exchanged? is there special converter software necessary?

Regarding the formats: In all good hubs, the recordings are continuously exchanged in the compressed, yet lossless, .SHN, (most widespread) .FLAC and .APE formats, and you should do that too.

MP3's (= lossy) and WAV's (= too big), on the other hand, are not desired and usually lead to you being temporarily banned from the hub!

About the software: Yes, to compress / decompress you need special software, information and links to common software
can be found e.g. at (for APE), (for FLAC) or at (for SHN)

4. I specified my "usual" download folder (mp3s / wavs) ... is that a problem? you should have an extra folder
only specify for this "swap exchange"?

If you have MP3's or WAV's in the folder it is a problem, as they are frowned upon in almost all hubs, as I said, and are not welcomed.

In any case, I would create an extra folder for the swap exchange, as that way you keep an overview and none
unwanted formats can sneak into your files.

* are there any restrictions regarding these live recordings? theoretically I could offer "usual" purchase bootlegs, but
there are some better versions of. and there the question arises again about the format ...

All rules and regulations can be read in detail in the respective hub rules, but in principle every> official

With the unofficially 'pressed' bootlegs, I would just ask one of the hub moderators beforehand, I don't know exactly how it is handled, but there shouldn't be anything against it if you do it right. (Compress from CD with EAC to WAV to -> APE / FLAC / SHN and add a log file would certainly not be wrong, but ask again exactly, maybe there is already a version of the respective show that is in circulation)

Otherwise it is not desirable to offer shows in MP3, or to offer shows whose source was once an MP3 (poor quality).

So, I hope that for now all questions have been answered as far as possible and in sufficient detail (well, except for the technical problems, but they can certainly still be solved, unfortunately it is always a bit difficult to do that from elsewhere).

Or is there still something that someone wants to know?