Can I play Minecraft with my nephew?

Which games can your children play?

Even the most beautiful wooden toys and the most colorful Matchbox cars will eventually gather dust in the children's room - at the latest when there is a console by the television in the living room and a certain Mario hops over the screen. Various seals of approval for educationally valuable games, in addition to the "FSK" age rating, are intended to provide clueless parents or relatives with information about which games are suitable for which age. In the circle of relatives and friends, you can also ask those who are informed which games are suitable for children.

Under the catchphrase gamification, playfulness is also used in education in order to give adolescents modern access to knowledge. However, researchers are also not at one point as to whether classic game reward systems are useful or perhaps even counterproductive in acquiring knowledge. The fact is, gaming remains an issue - even for the very young.

Play according to age?

Have you ever wanted to give your children, nephews or nieces a birthday game and were at a loss? Can you expect "Call of Duty" from a thirteen-year-old, and perhaps the complexity of "Sims" overwhelms the elementary school child? What age would you generally find good for what kind of games? Are sports games always okay, and how long should your children sit and play in front of the screen per day or week? And: Do you dream of playing "Mario Kart" with your child, or have you already done so? (mahr, March 20, 2017)