Which subject should I take in engineering?

1-subject Bachelor

Study a subject?

In the 1-subject bachelor's degree, you take a central major, which you usually study full-time. In particular, natural sciences, psychology, engineering disciplines or certain social sciences are often taken as a single-subject Bachelor's degree.


Bachelor specialization and supplementation

Even in a 1-subject Bachelor's degree, you can take certain supplementary and additional courses in order to look beyond the study-related box and to further distinguish yourself according to your interests.

In fact, every single-subject bachelor's degree contains such specialization or supplementary modules. As a student, you do not have to enroll in addition to this; you choose specific modules from a module catalog for the courses in your main subject. So if you are studying history in a 1-subject bachelor's degree, you can, for example, choose economics as a supplementary module and minor. You will receive your degree in history.

Normal period

The standard period of study in a single-subject Bachelor's degree can vary. However, after a minimum of six and a maximum of eight semesters, you should have successfully completed your studies. The 1-subject Bachelor programs in particular often only last six semesters.

Teaching degree in a 1-subject bachelor's degree?

The classic teacher training course is almost exclusively replaced today in Germany with the bachelor's and master's degrees. If you want to study to become a teacher, you still have to decide on a certain combination of at least two subjects. A teacher training course is therefore only sensible and possible in the regular way within the framework of a 2-subject bachelor's degree.