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Everyone uses apps today: on their smartphone, PC or tablet. App developers are responsible for this technology. You modify and develop apps tailored to the needs of the users.

With the boom in apps, the job of app developer is enjoying growing demand. Because it is precisely this professional group that moves with the times, is always up to date and can use the needs of the most varied and diverse users as a basic element to develop games, navigation, guides and calculators in the form of apps. Last but not least, the steadily growing technology encourages app developers to continue their education.

What is the job of an app developer like?

App developers are mostly creative minds who understand to program new ideas as an app and then bring it to market. The rapid development of technology requires the motivation of every app developer to acquire new specialist knowledge and also to implement it.

Basically, app developers keep up with the times. You need to know what your customers want. How do customers get there faster? How can app users best use the app? On the one hand, the app developer can self-employed that means developing and marketing your own apps. For another, he can be employed in an agency that focuses on programming and at the same time Marketing the apps specialized for its customer base. More and more local companies want to develop standalone apps. So the app developer can also find his place there.

How to become an app developer

The demands on app developers are increasing over time. Be like that technical understanding, creativity and commercial basics expected for marketing apps. As a future programmer, knowing Java-Script, HTML and PHP are just as important as the English language and general technical knowledge. Different areas from one Computer science studiessuch as data management systems and user interfaces can be very helpful when programming apps.

Abstract, creative and at the same time structured thinking are characteristics of every programmer. This is the only way to precisely implement the customer's wishes and develop a suitable app.

App developer salaries

Since app development has not been around for too long, it is difficult to find reliable data on salary levels. In addition, the monthly earnings are frequent depending on the success of the app, i.e. the number of chargeable downloads - at least if you are self-employed as an app developer. Since, of course, not all apps can be sold successfully, independent app developers cannot always cover their monthly costs and may also have to do other programming jobs.

The following salary information comes from the platform and should be used here as first clue for an expected salary at a company serve:

  • Accordingly, young professionals as app developers earn around 31,000 euros per year.
  • After three years of professional experience, app developers can expect around 33,000 euros - 42,000 euros.

App developers are wanted anytime, anywhere. So it makes sense to look for job vacancies in Germany's major cities. Because it is precisely there that media growth is recorded every year. Below you will find numerous app developer jobs in our large job exchange:

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