How do you say Tschuess in German

Translation of "Tschüss" in French

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au revoir salut adieu bye
You don't say hello, do you bye.
Tell Aunt Maggie bye, my little.
As soon as I have it... bye.
Des que je l'aurai ... salute.
I no longer waste my time bye.
Je ne vais pas perdre mon temps, salute.
But it's time bye accept.
Mais il est temps de se dire Adieu.
Are you ready, bye accept?
Do it prêt à dire Adieu ?
Yes i love you bye.
I'm just saying quickly bye to daddy.
I wanted to call him around bye accept.
And now, forever bye.
Yappy say bye to Craig and Stormageddon.
Yappy, dis AU Revoir à Craig et à Stormageddon.
I'm coming "bye" say.
We told him bye when we left the car.
On lui a dit AU Revoir quand on a abandonné la voiture.
I'm just saying for a while bye.
Pepe is waiting to meet papa bye accept.
And bye, Mr. Professional.
- Say bye to Mrs. Perry.
Good Trip! - Thanks, bye.
And bye, Anchorage office.
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