What is the name of a group of pumas

Encounters with nature 1, textbook

Predators 59 Leopard 60 Black Panther 61 Jaguar 62 Puma Research. One of the feline predator species has blunt claws that cannot be retracted. Which is it? It's your turn! Leopards are native to Africa and cats are native to Asia. Leopards are found in Africa and Asia. They can be found in the jungle as well as in the mountains, in caves or on trees. Since domestic animals, such as goats or pigs, are easy prey for the leopard, it also likes to stay near human settlements. However, because the natural habitat is becoming increasingly smaller, their numbers are also steadily declining. The animals hunt at any time of the day. Either they sneak as close as possible to their prey and then attack (stealth hunt) or they lurk, for example on a tree, for the prey and surprise it with a lightning attack (stalking hunt). In addition to the typical spotted animals, there are also black shapes. They are known as the black panthers. Jaguars and pumas are cats in North and South America Jaguars look very similar to leopards, but they are sturdier and have shorter legs. They live in the rainforest, where they are well camouflaged by their spotted fur. The mostly crepuscular and nocturnal animals are perfect climbers and just as good swimmers. Like the leopard, the jaguar sneaks up on prey or ambushes it. Jaguars are grouped together with tigers, lions and leopards to form the group of big cats. The puma, which can be found in almost all habitats in North and South America, is a sneak hunter. Jaguars The fur of the jaguar differs from the fur of the leopard in that the spots on the body are much larger and the individual rings often enclose one or more dark spots. Put in the right terms. The marked letters when read one below the other result in a different name for the puma. 1. Young animals that are dependent on care after birth 2. Largest cat species 3. A cat that is ready to mate and reproduce is ... 4. Ancestral form of our house cat: Nubian ... 5. Odor absorption with Jacobson's organ 6. Another word for territory 7 Hunting type of leopards, jaguars and pumas 8. African big cat type 9. A semi-longhair cat: the… forest cat 10. Fastest land animal in the world It's your turn!  69 For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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