How is technology changing the hotel industry

How hotels will change after Covid

The corona crisis has led to major changes, especially in the hotel industry, that go far beyond the lack of a breakfast buffet - such as more thorough cleaning or rooms that have been partially abandoned. On behalf of the British Independent, experts have now analyzed what the hotel of the future will look like.

Increased use of contactless technology

Contactless technologies have been a trend in the hosting industry for some time, but due to Corona, hotels are now increasingly using them. According to the Independent, Hilton introduced the Digital Key app back in 2015, which allows guests to check in, select rooms and unlock the doors with their smartphones. It is currently in use in over 5,000 hotels around the world.

Connected rooms

Also on the advance are rooms in which almost everything from the lighting to the temperature to the television program can be controlled via the guests' mobile devices. Such “connected rooms” would be used by, for example, Hilton, Virgin Hotels, Bloc Hotels and Citizen M Hotels.

Smart materials

Intelligent materials that are seamlessly integrated into the design should also have a future. Hotel designer Jean-Michel Gathy told the Independent: “This includes things like antimicrobial surfaces for everything from the lobby to side tables to the restaurant, self-check-in kiosks and limiting the number of people who ride in an elevator can. There will be self-cleaning metals in the bathrooms and special resins on the floors and walls that viruses cannot adhere to and survive. Special invisible plastics and peelable films will cover TV remote controls, faucets, shower heads and door handles. Air and water supply systems will be filtered and cleaned. "

More room equipment

In 2020, more serviced apartments were opened than ever before to cater to those guests who want to minimize contact with others. According to Gathy, simple rooms in the hotel of the future will increasingly give way to larger studios and suites with kitchens and laundry facilities in order to reduce interactions with housekeeping and room service. In Hard Rock Hotels, guests have always been able to borrow instruments for their rooms.

More attractive hygiene measures

Some hotels are also working on making the now common hand disinfection stations and Plexiglas partitions more attractive. Many guest houses would already be looking for more subtle products that fit nicely into the overall design of the hotel. Screen elements should also be integrated more intelligently.

Expansion of the outdoor areas

Since more and more guests are looking for free space during their hotel stay, this will probably also be a big topic of the future. Some Hilton hotels in England already had attractive roof areas or newly built outdoor terraces - some of which would also be supplemented with more unusual facilities such as Indian tents with a fireplace. (