How could they remember the words

The memory

Memory is an ability of long-term memory to find stored information and to call it up again. It does not refer to the ability to recall knowledge learned by heart from short-term memory over a short period of time, but to yourself to remember past eventsto remember names and their faces and to remember numbers, dates, letters or words.

In short, it is the ability to recall experiences and sensory impressions from memory. While memory is responsible for retaining information, memory is there to be able to call up memories at any time.

The memory can be used actively or spontaneously

The memory is multimedia. In this way, all the senses can be included when thinking about the past. For example, you remember what you saw, what music was playing, a familiar voice, a smell, how the sun felt on your skin, but above all your emotions. The memory is quite comparable to the memory of a computer. There are generalized 2 typesto recall things from memory. A memory can be brought to life consciously, but it can also be triggered unconsciously:

  • The active memory: Active memory is used when you are explicitly trying to remember an event or a fact. In doing so, you check your own memory contents. Depending on the intensity experienced, the thought appears only in a light form or with a very clear focus.
  • The spontaneous memory: This form of memory recall is used when you are not actually looking for a past experience in your head. Rather, the memory comes about through a stimulus that evokes an association in you. A feeling, a subconscious thought, a smell or a perception can reactivate an experience.

The memory can be manipulated

There are certain factors that make this Falsify memory can and thus change the actual reality. For example, a memory is not reliable under the influence of drugs or hypnosis. Furthermore, we humans can hardly remember the first 3 years of life. In addition, our own feelings can alter a past event. For example, when we are stressed and sad or overflowing with joy, memory is not always reliable.

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