What is my skin tone called

With this test you can find out in no time whether you are a cool, warm or neutral type.

Evaluation: Now add up the answers marked with a) and those marked with b).

I ticked more a) 's: You are a warm skin type!

If you are a warm skin type, stick with earthy makeup and clothing, such as yellow, orange, brown, orange-red, and yellow-green.

The foundation should have yellow and gold undertones.

When you go out in the evening, a dark brick red lipstick underlines the complexion and makes you really shine. Go back to the Foundation here.

I ticked more b) 's: You are a cool skin type!

If you are one of the cool skin tones group, then choose gem colors for your makeup and clothing. E.g. blue, purple, blue-green, green, magenta and red tones with a blue cast.

The foundations should preferably have a light blue or pink undertone.

You should also always use black mascara. This really helps to emphasize your eyes.

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I have ticked as many a) 's as b)' s: You are a neutral skin type!

Most people have a distinct undertone. Various factors can, however, blur this, e.g. Self-tanner, the "wrong" hair color from the hairdresser (you should have done the test with the gold and silver mirror at the hairdresser's before you start coloring!)

In this case you can simply use the category type advice

→ Check eye color. Here you will find the right makeup for your eye color and when it comes to foundation, we have neutral tones of all color classes that suit almost everyone!

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