How can I add flavor to alcohol?

Down with it? Why we have to get used to alcohol first!

Glasses up, cheers and down with them. After a round of “Kurzer” you can actually see twisted faces every time. Because the shots taste either sour, bitter or much too strong. Do you remember the first beer you sipped from your parents' lap? We all wondered why adults like such a bitter brew. Today, schnapps at the bar are just as much a part of everyday life as the beer after work. But do we really like it?

Effect and taste go hand in hand

For example, I really enjoy drinking wine. Especially after work or on the weekend, in summer at a picnic or in the evening for chatting in the park. On the one hand, I like wine, especially the fruity one, on the other hand, I also like the effect. Then I just feel more relaxed and in a good mood. But would I also drink wine if it were non-alcoholic? IM not sure. At least when it comes to wine, effect and taste go hand in hand for me.

I'll compare it to coffee. When I started drinking coffee, I only did it to stay awake. So because of the effect. Coffee now tastes pretty good to me. But in my opinion simply because I've got used to it and associate coffee with the waking effect. It will be similar with alcohol.

Alcohol as candy?

However, what really tastes good to many - and can therefore easily become dangerous - are sweet cocktails and alcopops. Mixed with soda, fruit juices and lots of sugar, you can hardly taste the alcohol at all. And can actually drink it almost like normal soda. In doing so, you often inadvertently consume a lot more alcohol than you originally planned - and only notice it when it's too late and the world is turning two lanes faster again.

Are tastes changing?

Sure: tastes are different and change over time. As a child you may have hated spinach, now you like it. Beer tastes bitter at first, later maybe pleasantly bitter. When people say they drink the alcohol to relax or to lift their spirits, I think that's their business. But you should be aware of why you drink alcohol. And if you don't really like the drink at all and you only drink the alcohol because of its effect, you should reconsider your drinking habits.

How is it with you? Which types of alcohol do you like so much that you would buy them alcohol-free?

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