How should a Christian react to Hollywood

Christian bashing in Hollywood

The film "God’s Not Dead" grossed over nine million US dollars on the first weekend after its premiere on March 21. The Christian film thus landed in fourth place among the most successful films of the weekend. The film is about a student attending the lectures of an atheist philosophy professor. The student Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) urgently needs the certificate for the lecture. But the professor requires the participants to sign a declaration that reads: "God is dead". Josh refuses to sign the statement. He agrees on a deal with his lecturer: Josh should regularly try to defend his belief in God in the seminars. It is not yet clear whether the film will also be released in Germany.
The atheist professor is played by the American actor Kevin Sorbo, who became famous for the lead role in the film "Hercules" (1995). Sorbo played in 2011 in the Christian film "Soul Surfer" alongside Bethany Hamilton. When asked about the presentation of his new film, Sorbo said in an interview with the web portal Beliefnet what the film wanted to convey: “That God gave us free will. I can't have the good without the bad. It's about how we react to evil. Life is about choices. We know what is right and what is wrong. We don't always make the right decisions. But what we do after we have fallen, determines how a person develops. ”He would like it if especially atheists saw the film. "I know we can't change everyone's minds, but maybe we can make some think."

"Blacklisted in Hollywood"

Sorbo says his views didn't give him any advantage in Hollywood. He told FOX television: “There is a lot of negative sentiment against Christians in Hollywood. There is a lot going on in the media and in the world against people who believe in God. But I'm just not afraid of the crowd. ”Hollywood also has something against views that are not liberal, the actor explains. He didn't vote for Obama, and the film factory doesn't like that. He has elected both the Democrats and the Republicans in the past because he simply depends on who he thinks is the better candidate. This put him on a kind of "black list" in Hollywood. Sorbo asks, “Why can't I just have my own opinion? Why does that cost me jobs? "
In Hollywood, tolerance and freedom of expression are always very important, "but only if it is in their interests." Sorbo adds: "I grant everyone their beliefs, why don't they allow me my own?" But Sorbo also thinks changes perceive: “I think the sleeping giant is slowly waking up. People are tired of it. I think Christians are generally much more tolerant than what you see on Saturday Night Live and on MSNBC in 'Christian bashing' with jokes about Christians and Jesus. "
Sorbo's attitude is: “Be an atheist if you like. But don't tell me that I can't believe in God. ”He himself is not a perfect Christian, and he couldn't be either. There are certainly atheists who are much more intelligent than he is. "But that's why it's also called 'belief', isn't it?" (Pro)