What is Spain's Favorite Supermarket

Five delicious drinks to try in Spain

Here are ours five recommendations for great Spanish drinks!


This famous summer drink is particularly popular in the sunny east and south of the country. The preparation varies a lot - every bar has its own secret recipe and also in households Sangria often touched completely differently. However, all recipes have one thing in common - Sangria always comes with a powerful shot red wine prepared. The blood-red color gave the drink its name - the Spanish word for blood is sangre.

What now belongs in it? Red wine, fruit, oranges, lemon or apples, juice (mostly orange juice) and three handfuls of ice cubes so that the Sangria not transformed into mulled wine in your carafe under the sun, but stays pleasantly cold.


While in Valencia the Paella is the most popular dish without being entered, that counts Horchata as a favorite of drinks. This refreshing drink made from the tiger nut is regional Orxata known. It is served ice cold and usually offered in summer. Sometimes the Horchata in the south of Spain but also liked to drink in winter.

The manufacturing process for this rich drink is meticulously monitored. There is even a separate food control for Horchata quality assurance.

A Valencian Horchata de Chufa or better Orxata de Xufa must be brewed from tiger nut, water and sugar. Packaged horchata can also be bought in the supermarket.



No Spanish festival, be it a communion or a wedding, comes without a bottle of the famous Cava out. The Spanish version of champagne is just as refreshing and invigorating as the somewhat more famous competing product from France. Most cava varieties come from Catalonian wineries and are either white or rosé Cava available.


Many tourists consider Italian espresso to be the best coffee in the world. But the strong and at the same time mildly roasted Spanish coffee is just as strong and aromatic and has a milder taste than the espresso. Coffee is drunk in many ways: as Manchada, Cortado, Cafe con leche, Cafe solo.... but the basis is always the espresso.

There is even a real coffee plantation in Spain - the only one in Europe! In the tropical climate of the Canary Island Gran Canaria the coffee beans thrive in a valley called Valle de Agaete. It's very beautiful there and the weather is fantastic. Visit the Finca Los Castaños!



Spaniards drink their coffee from morning to night and in many varieties. It is served in bars, gas stations, restaurants or of course in Cafeterias - always fresh and with Crema, the quality feature of properly brewed coffee, which is formed when the boiling water runs quickly and steadily through the coffee.

The most popular coffee is that Café cortado, an espresso in a glass that is topped up with hot frothed milk. When it gets colder in winter, many people drink some kind of Pharisee in the morning, den Carajillo - that's an espresso with a dash of brandy.


One Rioja, Spain's most famous red wine, can be bought in many supermarkets in Spain. But there are significant differences in quality. The better Rioja is ordered in a good restaurant that works with the best winemakers in the country.

You can do it like Spaniards and drink the wine right where it comes from, in a very authentic way. In the Rioja wine-growing region and drink the best Riojas in the capital Logroño right at the bar and enjoy it Pintxoswho have favourited delicious, northern Spanish tapas.

Here the locals know exactly which wine goes best with which dish. You can also take the opportunity to stop by the winemaker, taste the best vintages and take a few bottles of your favorite wine with you.