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Designed for Xbox: Microsoft shows new accessories logo and introduces new partners

You should recognize them by their logo: the controllers, headsets, steering wheels and all other peripheral devices that work particularly well with Microsoft's Xbox game console. In the future, new console accessories designed for the Xbox will bear the logo, which you can see in the picture above.

The Xbox Series X of course marks the start of the new accessories program, but this logo should also stand for what Microsoft has set itself as an important goal: the greatest possible compatibility with all Xbox consoles. In this context, you also present your partners who have already finished or are working on new “Designed for Xbox” accessories.

We find many old friends here who have been producing accessories for the Xbox for many years, but there are also new names: Bang & Olufsen is working on a new high-end audio accessory for the Xbox, too Audeze will soon be launching a headset. OtterBox, mainly manufacturer of various protective covers, has unspecified products in the pipeline, Nacon wants to shine with special accessories for cloud gaming and Honeycomb Aeronautical should have the right joystick at the start of the flight simulator on the Xbox. They are joined by Geek Made Designs and Cable Matters.

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