What did you have on yesterday?

Translation of "you wore yesterday" in English

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Those are the same clothes that you wore yesterday.

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You can wear what you yesterday night have worn, you you can go to your house and get changed or you can take whatever you like from my closet.
You can wear what you were wearing last night, you can go back to your place and change, or you can grab anything you want from my closet.
I gave her the glove that you wore, as you yesterday touches the liquid nutrient has.
You have you worn yesterday, it worked perfectly.
You have you worn yesterday, it worked perfectly.
It What like, well, what is this show?
This is the jacket that the gentleman worn yesterday Has.
Behold, no doubt was Ra worn yesterday, and that became Osiris Nu worn yesterday.
The one you did last Saturday night have worn.
The one you wore last Saturday night.
I know what you don't have worn.
The one you at the party have worn.
The one you wore to our party.
The things you do in the night have worn.
The clothes you wore that night ...
There is a tiny bubble on the inside surface of your right hand, which proves you have the cello case yourself have worn.
If you look at the palm of your right hand, you will notice a tiny blister which proves that you've been carrying the cello case yourself.
If you don't have worn.
Please tell me that you are wearing gloves have worn.
If you have them before have worn, Yes.
If you wore them before, yes.
I remember how you did her in high school have worn.
I still remember seeing you wear this in high school.
Just because you got a feather earring have worn.
When I saw what you have worn...
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