Why are undetected pedophiles neutered?


The regime of mental torture and medical mutilation lasted a surprisingly long time in practice and terrifyingly tough in the mind: until the 1970s!

It was not until the 21st century that this chapter of misdiagnoses and failures began to be dealt with historically. Christoph Schlatter also tried to do this in his dissertation in 2002. She bears the title

"Strangely enough, I got a taste for boys. Self-images and external images of homosexual men in Schaffhausen from 1867 to 1970".1

From this two sections:

"For the canton of Schaffhausen [...] five castrations can be found that are directly or - in one case - indirectly related to homosexuality, with four of these surgeries definitely being carried out in the cantonal hospital of Schaffhausen.

Four castrations outside the canton also become visible, which [...] were carried out in Basel, Bülach (ZH), Solothurn and Zug in connection with homosexual acts. [...]

The verified castrations fall between 1934 and 1961, with a focus on the 40s and 50s [...] and concerned men [...] who were between 25 and 56 years old at the time of the operation. "

"The examination of the castration cases also shows that the sanctioning authorities often succeeded in narrowing the scope of action for those affected to such an extent that the operation appeared to be the less terrible of the possibilities. [...]

Just as the 'fact' of serious harm to adolescents through their involvement in sexual acts with adult men was hardly ever questioned, the positive effects of castration were also taken for granted for a long time. [...] However, while psychiatry began to remove castration from the catalog of useful methods of treating homosexuality in the course of the 1960s, this intervention was long considered suitable outside the professional world and was only used by defense lawyers too often literally offered as atonement. [...]

The Schaffhausen - and probably also the Swiss - castration practice went in the point that freedom was often only available at the price of 'voluntary' emasculation, quite parallel to that in National Socialist Germany. But it undoubtedly made a difference whether, if one refused, one was deported to a National Socialist concentration camp or sent to a Swiss psychiatric institution. [...] A great similarity, however, is that in Germany as well as in Switzerland the votes in favor of castration were able to prevail for a long time without having to prove their alleged successes. [...]

It was often about using the mutilations to calm down work-shy, rebellious or otherwise disintegrated elements and (again) to make them 'useful' members of society. "

The magazine Club68 reported in 1970 on a particularly tragic case under the title

"Homosexual partially paralyzed and mentally disturbed by castration"

and ended with an appeal to lawyers to take action in this case for claims for damages due to grievous bodily harm and, in general, for the lowering of the age of consent, as happened in the Netherlands.2

The magazine hey cited 1975 the "tragedy of a castrated man" from the Züri-Leu:3

"He wasn't a criminal. But he just liked 'boys with Hösli'. [...] The inevitable result: Constant convictions. Until he was 43 years old. Then came the drama that destroyed his life. [ ...] You put the knife on his chest: either castration or immersion for life. You also had a treat ready: 'Half a year after the operation you come out and stay a free man.' [...] He consented to the intervention.

Today, around two years later, it is a wreck. Physically and mentally. [...] He no longer likes: he tried to kill himself six times with pills. He was always brought back. [...]

'I strongly advise anyone faced with the same choice never to consent to castration. Better a lifelong box than this dog's life. ' [...] Despite the horse trading [...] at that time, he did not gain freedom. This annoying, life-weary case will be passed on from clinic to clinic, from institution to institution. [...] "

In the next issue, hey There was a letter to the editor from a 27-year-old who was also neutered in 1969, who was 21 years old, and reported positively about his situation after the operation - apart from weight problems, as he had gained 40 kg in the first year, but now half of it with a firm will could think of it.4