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(As of March 17, 2021)

In view of the dynamic nature of the infection, the federal government and the 16 federal states decided on October 28, 2020, November 25 and December 2, 2020 to take targeted, temporary measures to break the wave of infections and control the spread of the virus.

The extraordinary economic aid for the month of November 2020 offers further central support for companies, self-employed, associations and institutions that are particularly affected by the current Corona restrictions.

Since January 12th, the regular payments have been made by the federal states. Applications for November and December aid can be submitted until April 30, 2021. Since February 27, applications for the extended November and December aid for aid over 2 million euros can be submitted. The companies can choose on which aid framework they base their application in order to make the best possible use of the existing funding scope for their respective entrepreneurial situation. Amendments are now also possible.

Companies directly affected by the temporary closings, self-employed persons, associations and institutions and indirectly affected companies are eligible to apply, subject to the following stipulations:

Companies directly affected: All companies (including public ones), self-employed, associations and institutions that are based on the closure ordinances issued by the federal states as a result of the resolution of the Federal Chancellor and the heads of government of the federal states of October 28, 2020, November 25, 2020 and had to cease business operations from December 2, 2020.

Indirectly affected companies: All companies that demonstrably and regularly generate 80 percent of their sales with companies directly affected by the above-mentioned measures.

Affiliated companies - i.e. companies with several subsidiaries or permanent establishments - are eligible to apply if more than 80 percent of the group-wide total sales are directly or indirectly affected by affiliated companies. Up to 75 percent of the sales of the affected affiliated companies will be reimbursed.

Companies that regularly generate 80 percent of their sales with companies directly affected by the measures through third parties (e.g. event agencies) are also eligible to apply. These companies must prove beyond any doubt that they will suffer a drop in sales of more than 80 percent in November 2020 due to the closure regulations based on the aforementioned resolutions.

Accommodation establishments and event venues are viewed as directly affected companies.

For companies with an affiliated restaurant, access to the November and December aid will be significantly simplified. The previous calculation of whether a company achieved at least 80 percent of its total sales with its restaurant is completely omitted for restaurants. In future, the restaurant will be eligible to apply regardless of the sales of the rest of the company.

What funding is there?

Subsidies of up to 75 percent of the respective turnover in November 2019 are paid as part of the November Aid, per week of closings (depending on the use of short-time work benefits and other Corona aid in the same reference period as well as the existence of the requirements under state aid law, see "Ratio to other services ”in the FAQ on

The self-employed can alternatively use the average monthly turnover in 2019 as a comparison turnover. For applicants who started their business after October 31, 2019, the monthly turnover in October 2020 or the monthly average turnover since the company was founded can be selected as the comparison turnover. In the case of affiliated companies, up to 75 percent of the sales of the affected affiliated companies are reimbursed.

In addition, the following applies:

Delivery services: Sales of more than 25 percent are counted towards the sales reimbursement.

Restaurants: A special regulation applies to restaurants if they offer food for out-of-home sales. The reimbursement of sales will be limited to up to 75 percent of sales in the same period of 2019 with full VAT rate (i.e. the meals consumed in the restaurant). This deducts out-of-home sales with a reduced VAT rate. In return, the out-of-home sales during the closings are excluded from the sales deduction in order to favor an expansion of this business.

Application and payment:

The application can be submitted by tax consultants or auditors via by April 30, 2021. A discount of up to 50,000 euros (or max. 50 percent) is automatically granted.

Self-employed individuals can apply up to a grant of 5,000 euros themselves, provided they have not yet submitted an application for bridging aid. You will receive the November grant in the amount requested. ELSTER certification is required for the direct application. The November and December aid are administered by the federal states. Applications are processed via the bridging aid platform; applications are processed and approved by the federal states.

Further information and the application portal for November aid