What is the difference between Tapiture and Pinterest

If Pinterest doesn't care, try these men's alternatives


Pinterest is a fascinating website that reveals the things that people like, love, desire, and desire. For those who have previously remained immune to its lure, Pinterest operates on the basis of images found on the internet, with people pinning those images to their boards so that others can either drool or mock them. Pinterest is basically a social network How do you know when you intersect on social networks? How do you know if you overdose on social networks? As with everything, there are different levels of use of social media. Some things are stricter than others. And of course something else plays a role in how often these things happen and when ... Read More

There's a bit of a problem with Pinterest - it mostly attracts women. It is estimated that around 70 percent of Pinterest users are women. Men are no more than bit players on the site. While this should be applauded - after all, the web needs more corners where women have the upper hand 8 of the greatest geeks on Twitter (who just be girls) 8 of the greatest geeks on Twitter (who just be girls) Geekdom has long been a domain Perceived by men, with teens obsessed with technology and Star Wars growing into adult adults obsessed with technology and Star Wars. While it's true ... Read More

Thankfully, some enterprising people saw a void in the market and grabbed it, and places like Pinterest but targeted only for men started popping up on the InterWebs. What follows is a list of what we consider the four best " Pinterest for men "Viewing web pages that are presented in no particular order.

Note: Some of the following websites are known to contain risky images. You therefore visit them only at your own risk. It should be noted, however, that the images are no worse than what you can find on a quick Google search.


Manter resting clearly exists to give men a place to capture pictures of things that interest them. Instead of " nail ", " nail "You at one" Workbench " . "

A quick look at the homepage reveals that food, cars and women are the focus of Manteresting. The content can be sorted by category while there is also a "Random" button and a list of the top posts made today, this week, this month and all times.

Categories worth mentioning include Architecture, DIY, Sports, and the exquisitely titled Manly Things, but there are many more to choose from. Manteresting is a well-designed, easy-to-use Pinterest-like one.


Gentlemint is more like the new Digg Discover the Best of the Web with the New Digg v1 Discover the Best of the Web with the New Digg v1 Digg was such a huge hit that content creators actively sought to get their material linked on the site To see the huge surge in traffic known as the Digg Effect, the ... Read More Instead of " pin ", " glue "You them because stapling is more masculine than pinning, I think.

A quick look at the homepage shows infographics, memes 5 Awesome Meme Generators On The Web 5 Awesome Meme Generators On The Web Anyone who spends a lot of time on the Internet will be aware of the Internet memes. At least those who venture into the useless but fun back streets that the web has to offer. Those who ... read More The content is sorted by popularity, with posts popular now, this week, this month, and all the time.

Notable categories include "cars," "fitness," and "popular culture" ... as long as it's male, it's welcome. Gentlemint looks better than most of the other Pinterest clones, but it basically does the same thing as the others.


Dudepins makes no secret of the fact that this is a Pinterest clone intended only for men. Women are of course not forbidden, but the content offered looks particularly masculine. Instead of " pin ", " pint "You pictures and videos.

A quick look at the homepage reveals Hipsters 7 Big Websites Have Fun With Hipsters 7 Big Websites Have Fun With Hipsters Hipsters, or sceners as they are sometimes called, are a subculture that wants to be different. At all costs. The longing to be different has now come full circle where it is actually the norm (or with ... Read more, interesting designs and loads of clothes. Which leads me to suspect that this is more for sophisticated men than for babbling boys is The content can be sorted by categories, with a button specifically bringing the trending to the front page.

Categories worth mentioning include "Animals," "Travel," and "Man Caves," with the latter referring to spaces that are generally high in hardwood and gadgets. Dudepins is the best of the Pinterest sites on this list, at least for my money.


Tapiture has a distinct Facebook feel that will immediately put off people who hate Mark Zuckerberg and Co. It's no surprise that joining through Facebook is highly recommended, although there is an email option too. Instead of " Pin code " Things, that you " tap "Content, Including Animated GIFs Find the Best GIFs on the Web with Giphy, a Dedicated Animated Image Search Engine Find the Best GIFs on the Web with Giphy, a Dedicated Animated Image Search Engine GIFs are common all over the Web, but sometimes it's tricky to find the right one for the right situation. Fortunately, a new dedicated search engine just for GIFs has arrived. Its name is Giphy and ... Read More and SoundCloud Audio.

A quick look at the homepage reveals male celebrities that all men strive for and unique photo opportunities Top 5 Awesome Photo Blogs To Inspire And Impress Top 5 Awesome Photo Logos To Inspire And Impress Read More The content is sorted by category, with an additional option to narrow it down to the most popular.

Categories worth mentioning include "Body Art", "Science" and "Men's Style", with the latter bringing these damn hipsters back into focus. Tapiture has some great content, largely thanks to its embrace of more than just still images.


I feel more manly from browsing these sites. Pinterest is nice and all, but it definitely has a slightly overwhelming feminine touch to it. When I use Pinterest, I often come across as a little weird, just like I do when I'm dragged into a women's clothing store. I think it's the perfume that is always ominous and omnipresent in the air.

These all feel like Pinterest clones, but they fill a niche that needs filling. Unless, and until Pinterest begins cater to males and females on a more 50/50 pitch, then these male alternatives will continue to breed. How To Make The Websites Easy Pinterest Not Every Pinner Is A Winner: Making Pinterest Fun Not Every Pinner Is A Winner: Making Pinterest Fun Pinterest is, for the uninitiated, a social network that revolves around images, with users images pinning anything and everything in large collections. It's a fascinating idea that is especially popular with ... Read More

What do you think of Pinterest? Are you bothered by the discrepancy between the focus on men and women in terms of content? Why does Pinterest think of women more than men? Which of the more masculine alternatives to Pinterest do you find best for men here? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Image source: Alan Cleaver