How can we convert MHz to Hz


Frequency formulaconversion and calculation
period, Period duration, Duration T in frequency f
frequency f in Oscillation period Thertz in Milliseconds
T = 1 / f and f = 1 / T
Because of the redundancy involved, just say period or duration instead of period.
The number of cycles (periods) per unit of time is called frequency or period frequency.


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Frequency means vibrations per second in Hertz = Hz = 1 / s.
1 second = 1 s = 1000 ms | 1 ms = 0.001 s | 1 ┬Ás = 0.000001 s.

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The calculator works in both directions of theCharacter.

Oscilloscope: Entering the boxes (Div.) And the timebase (Y) results in the frequency.

Formula for the periodT