Is the hibernation out of date

Windows Windows 10: Activate and deactivate hibernation - this is how it works


In the idle state, the current status of the user interface is saved and the power supply is completely shut down. The data is saved on a reserved space on the hard disk. This has the advantage that the original status can be restored much faster than with a restart.As is appropriate, the hibernation is hidden in Windows 10. However, the hibernation mode is very useful to save energy and to continue working immediately after starting. In our article we show you how to activate it.

Activate hibernation in Windows 10

Follow our step-by-step instructions, the quick start guide or the explanatory video.


Hibernation is not displayed - what to do?

In individual cases it may happen that your PC does not display the "Sleep" option. We will therefore explain to you how you can create a hibernation file via the command prompt in just a few steps. You can then continue with the previous instructions.

Note: If you want to deactivate hibernation again, enter "powercfg.exe / hibernate off" a.

quick start Guide

  1. click on begin (Windows icon)> Settings > system > Network operation and energy saving > Additional energy settings.
  2. A new window is opening up. Choose "Choose what to do when you press the power button".
  3. Click on "Some settings are currently unavailable".
  4. Put under "Shutdown Settings " one hook at "Hibernation".
  5. Click on "save Changes".
  6. Under begin > On off the option "Hibernation".