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7 things that will help you know you are more attractive than you think

How often have you asked yourself where you stand on the attractiveness scale? And how often have you come to the conclusion that you are quite passable? Because - hand on heart - you certainly think that the three extra kilos could still be removed, that the hair could handle more fullness and shine or that the eyelashes are a single horror? All complete nonsense! Because you are very likely to be a lot more attractive than you think. You're just misjudging it. But don't worry, we'll tell you how you can tell that others find you attractive ...

1. You almost never get compliments

Ok, admittedly, getting no compliments doesn't exactly sound like the jackpot of attractiveness. But it's true! Because people who only receive few compliments are perceived as extremely attractive. Because those around you think that they do have long known how great they lookyou don't have to tell them all the time. That's why extremely good-looking people rarely get compliments.

2. The other person looks you in the eye for a long time

As the saying goes: You can't not communicate. And a big part of that is body language. Because even if we don't say anything with words, we say something with our gestures and facial expressions. If someone is watching you, looking you in the eye for longer than the usual few seconds, or even looking after you as you get off the subway, then they can don't deny that he finds you attractive and shows interest. Looks say more than a thousand words.

3. People raise their eyebrows when they look at you

And not full of amazement or the like, but very subtly. Because it is scientifically proventhat if we find someone good, we automatically raise your eyebrows. The reason for this is simple: Our faces are more open and friendlier when we raise our eyebrows and smile at the same time. An advantage if we want to please over that.

4. Others kiss mouth when they see you

We're not talking about an overplayed (and sometimes quite inappropriate) kiss-mouth, but rather a very subtle movement. If the other person picks up their lips for a moment, that's a Signs that he would secretly like to kiss you. Incidentally, this also applies if he or she is constantly running his or her tongue over his or her lips. So there’s no question that you’re pretty hot.

5. People try to get closer to you

That we like to surround ourselves with people we like or even find attractive is probably nothing new. That is why we subconsciously back down in unpleasant situations. And vice versa, we seek to be close to someone we like. So when someone tries to you Literally getting closer it means he likes you. Especially with the obligatory arm around your shoulder, or when he tries to hold your hand in conversation, that becomes clear.

6. Others are surprised to hear that you have complexes

That we cannot imagine that attractive people do not know how attractive they are, we have already clarified. It is all the more shocking when you learn that they themselves have doubts or complexes. So if people around you are surprised when they find out that you doubt your appearance, take it as a compliment and a sign of your attractiveness. Because they cannot imagine that an attractive person like themselves does not find themselves hot.

8. People are particularly nice or extremely rude to you

The dilemma of the handsome. Because if people are particularly friendly to you, it means that they accept you as a self-confident, attractive and successful person and want to meet you with openness. If, on the other hand, others are angry with you and treat you unkindly, they are just plain envious dissatisfied with yourself and with your own life.

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