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The climate of China in December, China Individual travel in December

December is not a good time to visit China based on weather conditions as it is very frosty in most parts of the country. In the north it is freezing cold and very windy. The average temperature in Beijing is -1 ° Celsius and the lowest temperature can be as low as -12 ° Celsius. The average temperature in Harbin in northeast China in Heilongjiang Province is -15 ° Celsius and the lowest temperature is even -50 ° Celsius. The ski facilities in Beijing and the rest of northern China begin to open to tourists from the beginning of December.

Central China and the regions south of the Yangtze River also experience frosty weather. The weather in these regions can feel much colder than in the north due to the high humidity. The south of China is milder, but it's not really warm (apart from Hainan). Take Guilin for example: it is very often cold to the tip of your nose and windy, but it is also possible to sit outside in warm clothes and get sunburned on a normal and easy winter day. The lowest temperature is around -1 ° Celsius on average. Winter in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Hainan Island is very pleasant. Yunnan in southwest China also has mild winter weather.

The average December weather of major cities in China

Clothes for December

North of China: It's cold to the bone. A warm coat and a heavy, long overcoat, a warm hat, scarf, gloves and snowshoes are needed to stay warm.

Central China: A light undercoat, sweater, boots and a windproof jacket are usually sufficient here.

South of China: The south of China does not usually have typical winter weather. Clothing like late fall is perfect for the December trip, but you should definitely bring warm clothing here so that you are prepared for any cold days and weather, and if you are going to be here for a long time. In the south of China, many buildings have no heating.

See our clothing suggestions for Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong and Xian.

Why visit China in December?

  1. 1 December is the least crowded season (except for Hainan Island) and the quietest time of the year. Good discounts for hotels and flights can now be found.
  2. 2 The weather in Beijing and especially in the north of China and in the rest of the country in general is very dry.
  3. 3 If you want to visit the great wall in December, you can see a really breathtaking landscape with snow covered by the wall and the mountains covered with snow too. Additionally, there are few tourists here and you almost have the wall to yourself.
  4. 4The ski facilities in the north of China are now also welcoming tourists. See the best ski facilities in China.

Cons of visiting China in December

• It is very cold almost everywhere in China.

• It is very frosty and windy on the top of the great wall.

• From November to April, Tibet is not very pleasant to travel to because the weather conditions are very different.

The best destinations in December


The dozen of ski facilities around Beijing will start receiving tourists in December. If you're looking to hit the slopes this season, Beijing is a great option for you. See the facilities around Beijing.


Harbin is one of China's most famous winter destinations because the 0 degree weather there allows for a wide variety of winter activities. The ski facilities are of various sizes and scales are spread around the region. The Yabuli Ski Resort, China's best ski facility, is located very close to Harbin. See the best ski facilities in China.

Hainan Island

Hainan Island is the best winter getaway in all of China. It has a number of tropical strengths. For the winter travelers, it is no different than Hawaii in the US, which is a very popular tropical oasis and serves as an escape from the cold winter.

The Yunan Province

The Yunnan Province is known for the diverse travel destinations. You can explore a lot of minorities, lakes, mountains, rice fields, forests, wild animals, etc. here. What is more important, the weather in winter is also very pleasant. In my opinion, a vacation to Yunnan is preferred.

The weather of the best travel destinations in December