Which Disney park needs the least time?

When is the best time to travel to Walt Disney World?

Best travel time: the factors

There are three main factors that help determine the best time to visit Walt Disney World: the crowd, the price, and the weather.


Little rush

According to an analysis of numerous statistics, the least crowds are in September. Even the period after Thanksgiving up to a week before Christmas is usually not too busy. The same applies to the time at the beginning of the year, from around the second week of January to mid-February (apart from the half marathon weekend, which falls during this period).


Low costs

The price for a flat rate at Walt Disney World is usually based on demand. During the vacations and during the holidays, prices literally explode and a vacation can be quite expensive.
If there are no vacations and public holidays, prices also go down. Therefore, the cheapest months are January and the first half of February and September. Followed the first half of December. When planning your travel time, you should definitely take a look at the current offers for Walt Disney World to save!


Pleasant weather

Florida is nicknamed "The Sunshine State" and rightly so, because for large parts of the year it is hot, but also very humid. 30 ° C and more combined with extreme humidity is not for everyone. It is therefore advisable to take this aspect into account when planning your trip, if possible. You should also keep in mind that the period from June to October is considered hurricane season. The probability that a hurricane hits the interior of Florida is not very high, but such storms often rage off the coast and of course their foothills can be felt as far as Orlando.
The lowest temperatures are from January to March, where they are on average just over 20 ° C.



When is the best time to visit Walt Disney World? Here is an overview of the best and worst data:

Best travel time

  • January: second half of the month
  • February: 1.-15. and from 27. to 1.3.
  • September: after Labor Day
  • October: every day of the week
  • November: all days of the week except the week before Thanksgiving
  • December: first half of the month

Worst travel time

  • January: first half of the month
  • February: 16.-26.
  • March: second half of the month
  • April: first half of the month
  • June: whole month
  • July: whole month
  • August: first half of the month
  • November: Thanksgiving week
  • December: from the second half of the month, including Christmas and New Year's Eve

What, of course, must not be concealed: in the low season, in this case mainly the period January and February, there are a few restrictions. Usually only one of the two water parks is open, the opening times of the theme parks are on most days not as long as in the high season, the show program may not be as extensive and some attractions are closed for maintenance work.