Why is my hair still thinning?

Thin hair? 7 mistakes that will flatten your mane!

Well, unfortunately only blessed with thin hair that just doesn't want to stay in shape? This behavior in hair care definitely doesn't get any better.

While hair loss has a cause that is mostly due to hormonal fluctuations or deficiency symptoms, generally thin hair is simply genetic. Either we have the full head of hair or not. With fine hair you don't necessarily have less hair on your head, but simply actually thinner. In order not to make these appear even flatter, we should better distance ourselves from these mistakes in hair care!

Let hair grow long

Beautiful long hair can be equated with a flowing mane? It would be nice. Women with thin hair are doing themselves a disservice by letting their hair grow longer and longer. They hang down even more heavily, do not allow any volume and just look pale. Ideal: The long bob is a fantastic compromise between long and voluminous.

Please cut nicely in stages

Because with dashing steps, the thin hair looks more voluminous? Unfortunately also wrongly thought. Such a cut does not have a volume effect on thin hair, but the opposite: the lengths are thinned out even more. Leave them in the same abundance from root to tip.

Just don't dye your hair

Because they only emphasize thin hair? Mistake! Colors roughen the hair structure, which makes it look fuller. Small additional optical illusion: The play of colors through strands and shades also makes the hair appear more voluminous. Bring more color into your life!

Lots of care for much fuller hair

Because well-groomed hair grows thicker over time? Eh, no. Unfortunately, thin hair greases faster because it is so close to the scalp. If you wash more often, you should pay particular attention to mild shampoos. Too many care substances weigh down the rare head of hair and make it even flatter. Therefore: really only use one Pups shampoo at the roots. Conditioner or hair masks, on the other hand, only apply to the tips if they have to be. And be particularly economical with hair oil!

Allow thin hair to air dry

Oh yeah, because it's healthier than hair dryer air. Yes, maybe it is. Unfortunately, air drying does not bring thin hair into shape - it just hangs down. It is best to blow dry upside down and then give them even more volume with the large round brush. If only we weren't so lazy, would we? In any case, the difference can be seen.

Do not use styling products

Because they totally weigh the hair down? Not correct. A good volume powder for the roots, a good styling foam or blow dryer lotions, which give the hair more fullness, can really do a lot with thin hair. It is important to work the products well into the hair. Simply putting spray ON hair and expecting miracles is actually of no use.

Wash your hair every day

After all, thin hair greases more quickly. Yes that's true. However, every wash also destroys the resilience of the hair structure and ensures that it is regreased even faster. Vicious circle. In addition, shampoo etc. weigh down the hair. If possible, take the breaks between hair washes as long as possible - this has a lasting effect.

Barbara Schöneberger on "hair":