Why don't the police guard the cells?

For safety reasons - Police close cells on Herschelstrasse

From now on, arrested persons will be accommodated in the cells in the Raschplatzwache, in Waterloostrasse or in another police station (PI).

Background of the unusual decision, which is said to have caused a stir even in the Ministry of the Interior, & nbsp; is an incident that took place on Thursday night in one of the cells in the cellar of the Citywache. A man who had been taken into custody after property damage was waiting for an express trial had forcibly broken a piece from the tiled wall of one of the cells. "He was easily injured and had to be treated on an outpatient basis," says police spokesman Thorsten Schiewe. Thereupon the authorities decided to immediately shut down all cells of the guard, which were built in their current form in 1999. "There is a security risk, both for those arrested and for the police," Schiewe explains.

According to information from the HAZ, this is not the first time that inmates have demolished the cells of the Central Police Station. Problems with the tiled walls are said to have existed since the prison rooms were opened in 2000. Because the cellar of the old service building is damp. At that time, the tiles were simply attached to plasterboard, which were attached in front of the damp masonry. The responsible authorities, including the Ministry of the Interior, were regularly informed about the actually untenable condition of the cells. Nothing has happened so far.

The fact that the officers of the Herschelstraße have to use the cells at Raschplatz and in Waterloostraße from now on will, according to reports, enormously restrict the operation of the Citywache. The three detention rooms at Raschplatz are mainly needed on the weekends by the officers working there, so they are not always available. If the cells in the police custody on Waterloostrasse are occupied by eight, ten or more inmates, which is not uncommon on Fridays and Saturdays, officers must be assigned to guard them. They can then no longer support their colleagues on the street.

The condition of the cells of the PI middle will be examined in the next few days. A decision must then be made as to whether the entire detention area needs to be redeveloped or only the affected cell needs to be re-tiled. It is still completely open when the cells in Herschelstrasse can be used again. The incident has consequences for the man who demolished the tile in the cell: he received another complaint for property damage.