Are Zen Oh and Goku friends

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: This is why Goku was abandoned

On his numerous adventures, Son-Goku has made many friends over the years who are often by his side. However, this does not count for his most powerful friend.

That particular friend is King Zen-Oh, who we first met in Dragon Ball Super. He is the ruler of everything and rules the twelve universes of the Dragon Ball multiverse. However, he prefers a more passive style of government, because Zen-Oh or both Zen-Ohs have so far only extremely rarely interfered in the concerns of the mortals around Son Goku.

Destruction of several Dragon Ball universes? Zen-Oh has more important things to do

There were certainly incidents in which the two rulers might have intervened better, for example in the gigantic war in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. In this, several universes threatened to be destroyed by some old enemies and their leader Hearts. For the kings of all, however, the extinction of their multiverse was not something that required intervention on their part.

At least that's what, as Comic Book reports, Super Dragon Ball Heroes producer Higuchi Wataru reveals in an interview recently translated by Twitter user Lightning. When asked why the gods of destruction only meet Son-Goku & Co. so late in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Wataru explains that the Zen-Ohs called them to them because of an emergency: A "Emergency hide-and-seek game".

The Zen-Ohs in Dragon Ball Super

You read that right, the Zen Ohs summoned some of the most powerful beings of all universes to play hide and seek with them. That is why neither the Gods of Destruction nor the Zen-Ohs helped Son-Goku in the fight against Hearts. As Wataru continues, the Zen-Ohs probably had too easy "all universes destroyed"if Hearts had told them why this war was kept from them.

In retrospect, it was probably not the worst choice not to tell both Zen-Ohs about Hearts. Though the two kings have a very childlike disposition, they did not hesitate in the past to wipe out entire universes in order to avert danger. In addition, the game of hide and seek provides a perfectly fitting explanation for both characters as to why they did not intervene in the Heroes events.

What do you think of the explanation why the Zen-Ohs did nothing against Hearts?