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Yi Xing Long

Yi Xing Long


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Yi Xing Long (also called Li-Shenlong or Omega-Shenlong) is one of the seven shadow dragons that can only be seen in the anime Dragon Ball GT. He wears the Dragon Ball with a star. He is also the strongest devil dragon. Not only is he one of the toughest opponents Songoku has ever fought. In contrast to the others, he does not master any particular element. He was created by Popo's desire to bring back to life all those killed by Freezer and his subordinates. Yi Xing Long spines grow on her head and back, making an attack from behind seem almost impossible. But Son Goku was able to defeat him through the Kame-Hame-Ha.


Yi Xing Long first appeared after the fight between Son Goku and San Xing Long when Son Goku was given a cure for his glare from San Xing Long. Si Xing Long was killed by Yi Xing Long when he threw himself in front of Son Goku and thus saved his life. Son Goku swore revenge. Yi Xing Long blames him for the destruction caused by the Devil Dragons, as they only came to life because Son Goku used the Dragon Balls too many times in a short period of time. A great battle broke out between Son Goku and Yi Xing Long. However, the Saiyan was too weak and threatened to lose the fight and his life when Yi Xing Long tried to throw the unconscious and helpless Son Goku to his death (he wanted to impale him). However, Son Goku was saved by his friends and sons. But even together they were unable to harm Yi Xing Long. So Son Goku got the energies from his sons and trunks, while Oob Yi Xing Long distracted. With full energy again, Son Goku seemed to defeat Yi Xing Long, but Goku survived Goku's attacks. Because of this, Yi Xing Long swallowed all six remaining Dragon Balls, which not only gave him a more horrific appearance but also more strength. So the tide turned and Son Goku had no chance. Then Vegeta appeared and was irradiated by Bulma's Super Burutsu wave emitter, which made Vegeta the Golden Oozaru, who happily attacked Son Goku from Yi Xing Long. However, Vegeta just pretended, and to the amazement of Yi Xing Long, Vegeta turned into the Quadruple Super Saiyan. Vegeta then proposed the merger with Son Goku, since both would have no chance together. Yi Xing Long tries to prevent the two of them, but is constantly disturbed by the friends and can therefore only watch Son Goku and Vegeta merge to Gogeta. Gogeta made jokes with Yi Xing Long because the devil dragon was far inferior to him. Even the dragon balls that Yi Xing Long had swallowed were taken away by Gogeta. Just as Gogeta Yi Xing Long wanted to give the coup de grace, the merger broke up after only 10 minutes, as Gogeta's energy consumption was too enormous. So Yi Xing Long had all the trumps in his hand again, he swallowed the Dragon Balls again, but this time only 6, because Son Goku stole the Dragon Ball with the four stars. He also tries to merge with Vegeta again. So that Yi Xing Long doesn’t swallow the last Dragon Ball, Son Goku swallows it himself. In addition, the two Saiyans try to re-merge with the help of a mirror trick and it seemed to work, but Son Goku lost the power of the four-fold Super Saiyan and so it was Plan failed. At that moment, however, the Dragon Ball with the four stars appeared from Son Goku's forehead, from which Si Xing Long is later reborn and, thanks to Son Goku's positive energy, stands on his side and tries to sacrifice himself so that Yi Xing Long also dies. This sacrifice was in vain, however, because Yi Xing Long survived and incorporated the last Dragon Ball again. An uphill battle ensues, which Yi Xing Long seemed to win. However, Son Goku still had enough energy for a Genkidama, for which he needs the energy from the whole universe. With this Genkidama he destroys every single cell of Yi Xing Long and defeated the strongest devil dragon that was invincible.