Why not go fish for my bait

In the Rhine there are about 36 native fish species (non-predatory fish and predatory fish), which have very different eating habits and bait preferences. As a budding angler you don't know which fishing lure is suitable for which fish. Over time, however, you can quickly find out which fish prefers which bait and which bait can be used to selectively fish certain fish ...

In the following bait table you will find a list of numerous fish species native to the Rhine and other rivers and still waters as well as their fishing bait preferences. This bait table is suitable as a little help for both beginners and advanced anglers who are keen to experiment and want to expand their fishing knowledge a little.

Info: The fish in the table are in alphabetical order.

Fish speciesbaitTipseel

• Fish scraps

• Small, finger-length, dead bait fish

• Thawworm

• Maggots

For eel fishing, the dewworm is the undisputed fishing lure No. 1

Small dead corfish and scraps of fish usually bring the large specimens.

With maggots, eels are usually only caught as bycatch when bottom angling. Maggots are not recommended as bait for targeted eel fishing.



• Wet flies & nymphs

• Maggots, pinkies

• Dungworms


TOP bait No.1 for grayling are wet flies and nymphs (fly fishing). You can also offer nymphs on a floating pose or sbirolinomontage.

Light stip fishing with maggots, pinkies and dung worms is also a catchy method of fishing for grayling.



• Bundles of maggots

• Grasshopper (depending on the season)

• Flake of bread

• Small wobblers, spinners

Alandes are best fished with a flat float fishing rod in medium water. Maggots are the TOP bait for fishing on Aland.

In the summer you can also fish Alande very well with a surface mount and a grasshopper or a flake of bread as bait.

Alande can also be caught with small spinning baits such as spinners, twisters and mini wobblers. The particularly large specimens are sometimes predatory.


Brown trout• Small wobblers & spinners

• Maggots

• worm

• mealworm

• aerobatics (fly fishing)

The best catching results can be achieved with small silver spinners (size 2-3) and small wobblers, which - if there is a current in the water - are quickly cranked in downstream.

Aerobatic fly fishing is also a very good bait for brown trout.

Maggots and worms are more of a second choice bait. Maggots and worms should be actively offered and slowly cranked up.


Brook char• Small wobblers, blinkers & spinners

• aerobatics (fly fishing)

TOP baits are 4-6cm long wobblers, spinners and spoons in natural colors.

Brook char can also be fished with a fly rod - dry flies, weighted / carefree nymphs and streamers (e.g. Wooly Bugger) should be used as bait.


Barbel• Hard cheese

• Maggots

• dewworm

• Boilie

The TOP bait for barbel is a maggot bundle of 6-10 maggots that are pulled onto the hook next to each other.

Hard cheese (as a 1cm cube) is also a very good fishing lure for barbel - this is particularly useful for outsmarting large barbel.

Thawworm is a second choice barbel bait and only brings barbel as bycatch.

In the meantime, there are barbel boilies and mini boilies (with cheese flavor) to buy, with which you can achieve very good catches. One advantage of boilies is that you don't have to change them as often as the bait mentioned above.


perch• worm and dewworm

• Small spinners, wobblers and jigs

• Maggots

Perch can be fished very well with a whole or halved worm / dewworm on the float rod.

Small spinners, wobblers, twisters and rubber fish are also among the TOP baits for perch.

Maggots are rather unsuitable for targeted fishing for perch. Perch with maggots are often only caught as bycatch.


Bream• Maggots

• worm

• Corn

• Boilies

Maggots are the TOP bait on bream. No bream can withstand a maggot bundle of 5-10 maggots drawn onto the hook.

Corn (also in combination with maggots) is also one of the best fishing lures for bream.

Bream is occasionally caught with worms as by-catch.

Boilies and mini boilies with a vanilla flavor are ideal for targeted fishing for large bream.


chub• Crackhead

• Maggots

• Cherries (depending on the season)

• (Swimming) bread

• flies (fly fishing)

Chub are often very cautious and capricious when it comes to the choice of bait - the TOP baits on chub include small spinners (size 2-3) and maggots.

Chub can also be fished well with swim bread on sight. Make sure, however, that only you can see the chub and not the other way around! ;)

Many anglers swear by cherries as chub bait - but these are only caught in the cherry season, when the fish have got used to cherries that naturally fall from trees.

When fly fishing with artificial flies, chubs are also caught very often and well.


gable• Dewworm / dungworm

• Maggots

• Corn

• peas

• dough balls

Gables can be tricked most effectively with small (sweet-flavored) balls of dough or with individual peas.

Natural baits such as dungworm and maggot are also very catchy.

Small kernels of corn are often caught when the water is under very strong fishing pressure and the fish spurn all other bait.


Grass carp• Swim bread

• Corn

Grass carp take up most of their food from the surface of the water and are best fished with swim bread. (Be sure to feed some bread flakes beforehand!)

Maize is also a good bait - offered at the base assembly, the maize baits should be offered floating above the bottom of the water.


Gudgeon• Maggots and pinkies

• worm

Small, solitary maggots and pinkies are the top bait.

Gudgeons can also be caught well with small worms or pieces of worm.


Goby• Maggots

• worm

• Loaf

Maggots, worms and bread are equally suitable for targeted fishing for gobies (although I can hardly imagine someone fishing specifically for the little pests ...)


Bream• Maggots

• worm

• Corn

• Loaf

Maggots are the top bait for fishing for white goods.

Corn and bread can also be used for fishing for white goods. Both baits can also be offered in combination with maggots - also a very catchy bait.

Small worms can sometimes be used to catch gusts.


pike• Dead bait fish

• Blinkers, spinners, rubber fish

A dead bait fish (e.g. roach) on the floating bait fish float assembly is a very good bait for fishing for pike.

Spoons, spinners and rubber fish are the TOP baits for pike. The bigger the bait choice, the bigger the expected pike.


Crucian carp• Thawworm

• Maggots

• Corn

Crucian carp can be caught with natural bait such as dewworm and maggot as well as with corn.


carp• Boilie

• Corn

• dewworm

• Maggots

Corn used to be the TOP bait for carp fishing. Today, however, boilies have overtaken corn - boilies are among the undisputed No # 1 carp baits for targeted carp fishing.

Carp can also be caught with dewworm and maggots, but not specifically and they are more likely to be caught as bycatch.


Ruff• worm and dewworm

• Maggots

Experience has shown that worms (halved dewwum or dungworm) are the most catchy ruffle bait.

When fishing with maggots, it is advisable to offer a whole bundle of maggots and to renew the maggots every now and then - they must always be moving and alive.


Marble carp / silver carp• Lettuce leaves and Brussels sprouts

• Boilies

• Flake of bread

• Corn

• worms

Fish that are very difficult to fish because they are very shy and feed mainly on aquatic plants and algae; The best fishing lures are single lettuce leaves or Brussels sprouts offered on a surface mount.

Boilies, bread flakes, corn and worms are also suitable as bait. However, it is also important to offer the bait at or just above the surface of the water.


Sea trout• Slim spoon turn signals

• Crackhead

With slim silver spoon spoons (so-called "sea trout spoons") you can fish sea trout very well.

Silver spinners are also very good baits for fishing for sea trout.


nose• MaggotsA bundle of maggots is the best bait for targeted fishing for noses.


burbot• worm / dewworm

• Fish scraps

• Small bait fish

Dear worm is the undisputed No # 1 bait for tadpoles. You can either bait a thick rope worm or a bundle of worms.

Fish scraps and small finger-length bait fish are also suitable for burbot fishing, but are nowhere near as catchy as worms.


Asp• Popper

• Asp lead

• Crackhead

• Indicator

Poppers drawn in in short, fast puffs are the No # 1 bait for big asp.

All artificial baits (asp lead, spinner, blinker) that are carried quickly and just below the surface of the water are very catchy asp baits.

The color and shape of the bait should be tailored to the asp's natural prey.


Rainbow trout• Crackhead

• Made

• worm

• Bee maggots

• mealworm

• Trout batter

Small spinners are very popular and extremely catchy trout baits.

Maggots, bee maggots, mealworms, and common worms are also great for fishing for rainbow trout. The bait should best be actively dragged - either on the sbirolino or on the float.

Trout batter is also very catchy and should also be actively offered and cranked up. Trout batter is compressed into a plate with the hook hidden inside. The token must flutter around in the water.


roach• Corn

• Made

• worm

Roach can be easily outwitted with corn and maggots.

Roach are only caught with worms as bycatch.


Rudd• Corn

• Made

• worm

Rudd can be fished equally well with maize and maggots.

With worms, rudd is more likely to be caught only as bycatch.


tench• Dungworm

• Maggots & Pinkies

The dungworm is the undisputed no # 1 tench bait! No tench can withstand this bait in mean water or on the bottom.

Maggots and pinkies are also very catchy tench baits.


Sunfish• MadeSunfish are very easy to catch with maggots. All other baits are too big for the small sunfish mouth.


Bleak• Made

• Pinkie

• Breadballs

Ukeleis are perfect as bait fish for predator fishing. They can be caught with a maggot or a pinkie on a 16 hook (pose assembly).

As an alternative to maggots / pinkies, they can also be caught with small, pinhead-sized bread balls.


catfish• Dead bait fish

• Bundles of worms

A (larger) dead bait fish in the middle water or on the bottom of the water is the best bait for big catfish.

A bundle of ten or more tauworms threaded on a hook is also very catchy for catfish.


Pikeperch• Dead bait fish

• Soft lure and twister

A very catchy pikeperch bait is a bait fish offered on the bottom of the water. The bait fish should be placed in the current and flutter around as much as possible to tempt the pikeperch to bite.

Pikeperch can also be outwitted very well with a soft lure or twister (size 12-15cm) plucked above the bottom of the water. The bigger the bait choice, the bigger the pikeperch to be expected.



I hope that the above bait table will also help you to find your target fish. If you also know a good and catchy bait for a certain fish species that is not listed in the table, you can inform me of this by e-mail - just send me an e-mail with the information to be added to webmaster @ rhein- angeln.de and I will immediately enter the data in the table;)

- In my bite times table you can find out which season or in which months certain fish species are active and bite particularly well.

- In my hook size table you can read which hook size is suitable for which target fish.

I wish you every success with trying out and fishing for your target fish !!!

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