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Anyone who has been given frizzy or curly hair by nature can do theirs Straighten hair. Permanent hair straightening can be achieved with the help of chemical agents alone or additionally with heat. However, both of these can strain the hair and, if done incorrectly, lead to hair breakage and split ends. Read here how to straighten your hair properly and when hair straightening is harmful.

Straightening hair: is it harmful?

Since chemicals are used in permanent hair straightening, the hair dries out and becomes brittle. This also applies to straightening hair with straightening irons - the heat is pure stress for the hair. This is why care after the treatment is particularly important. In addition, you should always put yourself in the hands of an experienced hairdresser for permanent hair straightening in order to ensure professional, largely gentle hair straightening.

This is also advisable as formaldehyde has been found in some hair straightening agents. The substance is considered to be an allergy trigger, can irritate the skin and eyes and also cause cancer. For this reason, formaldehyde is banned as an ingredient in hair straighteners in the European Union, but it is always on the European and German markets. An experienced hairdresser knows the risk and uses agents without this ingredient.

Permanently straighten hair - how does it work?

Hair straightening without heat works with normally curly hair with the help of chemical preparations that are similar in structure to permanent waving and work on the same principle: First, the chemical hair straightening agent is applied to the hair. It contains the active ingredient thioglycolic acid, which dissolves the sulfur bridges that keep the hair in its shape.

In contrast to the permanent wave, the hair is carefully combed several times with a large, wide-toothed comb and pulled smooth during the exposure time. After washing out, the hair is treated with a fixative based on hydrogen peroxide so that the new, smooth shape is retained.

With particularly frizzy hair that is difficult to straighten, straightening the hair without a straightening iron is hardly feasible. In addition to the chemical substances, the hair is then processed with a special hot straightening iron. After the preparation has been applied for reshaping, the hair is straightened with the 160 to 180 degrees hot straightening iron and then stabilized in the new shape with the fixative. This method can also be used to get very curly hair straight - permanently.

Straighten hair with the straightening iron

If you want to straighten your hair, chemical reshaping will bring a permanent result. If you only want to have straight hair temporarily, for example for a special event, you can do without the chemical procedure.

For example, you can temporarily straighten your hair with an over-the-counter straightening iron that you use yourself at home. However, it is not gentle on the hair. With regular use, the heat can dry out and damage hair.

Alternatively, you can try natural products: Milk, for example, is said to have a smoothing effect. As an alternative to straightening your hair with milk, coconut oil may straighten your hair. However, the effectiveness of these substances has not been scientifically proven.

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