Are musicians more likely to be depressed?

Musicians and depression: can music make you sick?

Help Musicians UK (HMUK) recently published the results of a study by the University of Westminster that looked at the risk of mental illness in the music industry.

As part of this study, 2,211 musicians from Great Britain were asked online about their perception of workload and its influence on their mental well-being.

The results are not unexpected, but worrying nonetheless. 71% of the respondents stated that they had already had anxiety and panic attacks and 65% reported that they had already suffered from depression.

Compared to the general population, one can assume a three times higher risk of depression among musicians. In western culture it is often said that creativity and madness are closely related, but in this case a look behind the scenes reveals that it is by no means that easy.

The study suggests that this comparatively high volume is primarily due to the working conditions in the music industry. Many respondents stated that they had difficulties making a living, reconciling atypical working hours with social live and planning their future. Such a high workload can of course quickly degenerate into stress, fear of the future and, associated with it, depression.

The entire study as well as a summary can be found here and if you want to find out more about how you can regulate your workload as a musician and which tools can help you, we recommend the online congress of bemusic today and our associated article for appreciation of music.

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