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SiFive announces "PC" with open RISC-V technology

The chip developer SiFive wants to present the new RISC-V-SoC Freedom U740 with "modern PC expansion options" at the end of October. SiFive leaves open what is behind it, but it could be USB 3.0 and PCI Express. These are the most important interfaces that the predecessor FU540, which was introduced in 2018, lacks, which is why you need a very expensive FPGA add-on board for many purposes, for example to connect USB input devices and a graphics card.

At the Linley Fall Processor Conference 2020, SiFive CTO Dr. Yunsup Lee introduce the first "RISC-V PC", which is supposed to make it easier for "professional developers" to program and optimize Linux software for the RISC-V open instruction set architecture.

Basically, Linux and FreeBSD already run on RISC-V SoCs with cores of the RV64GC type and memory management unit (MMU). But there are still no cheap RV64GC chips with integrated current interfaces for graphics cards, mass storage devices, network adapters and input devices.

So far SiFive has not revealed the price or delivery date for the Freedom U740, but Linux-compatible RISC-V cores of the type RV64GC from the SiFive U7 series are said to be in it. SiFive also has its own USB controller through the acquisition of Innovative Logic.

Independent of the RISC-V-PC, SiFive also announces news about the RISC-V vector extension RVV.

Upcoming RISC-V Linux boards

RIOS Laboratoy recently announced its plans for the Raspberry Pi-like single-board computer RIOS PicoRio 2.0 with an integrated PowerVR graphics core. And in 2020 the drafts of the Core-V Chassis SoC of the OpenHW Group, which want to install the RV64GC core CV64A instead of an ARM Cortex core in an NXP i.MX, should be ready. The i.MX, on the other hand, is already being used on affordable single-board computers.


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