How to Read Videos in MATLAB

Introduction to MATLAB

Since its origins as a simple "Matrix Laboratory", MATLAB has developed into standard software in many areas of application in business, research and teaching in order to develop algorithms and to process and analyze data efficiently. Today MATLAB offers a comprehensive development environment for technical and statistical calculations that supports you in both standard tasks and complex projects.

In this webinar we will introduce you to the possibilities and advantages of MATLAB and its extensions. Using application examples, you will receive practical insights into the use of the interactive analysis tools as well as a large number of ready-made analysis functions. In this webinar, we specifically address the development of MATLAB algorithms as part of a complete data analysis workflow - from data acquisition, through the analysis and visualization of the data, to the generation and provision of reports and independent applications.

This webinar uses R2014b, the current MATLAB release. In R2014b, the desktop was revised and existing and new functionalities were organized in such a way that you can now find the features even more easily and thus also find it easier to get started with MATLAB.

This webinar is aimed at users (students, scientists, engineers, ...) who have not yet had any experience with MATLAB. MATLAB users who are interested in the advanced capabilities of the MATLAB product family can find appropriate suggestions on the relevant product websites and in other webinars.


  • Data analysis / visualization with MATLAB
  • Algorithm development with MATLAB
  • Creation of stand-alone MATLAB applications