HTTPS on Android couldn't connect, why

No internet despite an active WiFi connection? Help on Android

Your Android smartphone is connected to a WLAN, but access to the Internet no longer works - this can happen. Here you will find several possible solutions. Usually the problem is resolved quickly.

When the internet connection doesn't work, it is easy to get impatient. But first you should identify the problem. If the WiFi is intact, you can assume that your router is working. But is he doing this correctly?

No Internet? A restart often works wonders

First, make sure that your smartphone is really connected to the WiFi. You may see the icon, but the connection bars are missing. In that case, you may be too far from the router.

The simplest solution is to activate airplane mode first. Then wait ten seconds and deactivate it again. If that doesn't help, try the simplest tip: restart your smartphone. This is often enough for the WiFi connection to work correctly again.

If that doesn't work, then restart your router. Switch off the device by completely disconnecting it from the mains. Wait 30 seconds before you put the router back into operation. It usually takes a few minutes for the router to dial into the network again. Pay attention to the corresponding lights. For more information, please refer to the manual.

WLAN: Firewall in the way?

In some cases, a firewall integrated in the router is to blame for the fact that your Android smartphone has no internet connection. Try deactivating the protection mechanism to find out if this is the problem. Here, too, it is best to consult the instructions, as the procedure can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

It cannot be ruled out that there are problems with the Internet provider. The WLAN connection with the router is still available, only the router itself cannot establish a connection to the Internet. There may just be problems with a particular service.

In both cases, we recommend the website Allestö, which displays information on malfunctions in real time. Even if you do not see a malfunction there, it could still be that the problems have just occurred and no other users have reported them yet.

If your Android smartphone does not connect to the WLAN at all, you will find a guide with further solutions here. If you are not aware of any faults, contact our troubleshooting team.

You don't have an internet connection either? Did one of our tips help you? Otherwise, please write a comment, maybe a reader can help you.

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