Why do people use FaceApp

FaceApp: That's why you shouldn't use the app


The "FaceApp" photo morph app has been very popular for many years. But for data protection reasons, you should definitely keep your hands off the app. We explain why.

26,623 ratings in the App Store and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. The "FaceApp" photo morph app has been on the market since 2016 and is very popular with many. In the Google Play Store, FaceApp is currently number one in the download charts in the "Top Apps" category. The application is currently on everyone's lips again in social networks. The reason for this is simple: the app makes people laugh! With it you transform people into old people, change the sex or make them younger. It works quickly and easily.

What hardly anyone reads, however, are the data protection provisions of the app. The site Mashable reports of questionable privacy regulations. If you take a photo with FaceApp, you give the image rights directly to the manufacturer of the application. He reserves the right to save, edit or even publish your recordings.

Extensive user profiles

But you don't just make images available to the company behind FaceApp. Like many other app developers, the application collects data on your usage behavior in the app. So far so good. However, it does not stop at these data. In addition, FaceApp stores information about visited websites that you have called up with the mobile phone or tablet browser. Your device ID, location data or information about installed add-ons are also transferred.

With all this data it is possible to create quite extensive user profiles. In addition, they are passed on to advertising partners if required. So make this clear to you if you want to try the app out or if you are already using it. We clearly recommend: Stay away from FaceApp!

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