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We shouldn't shed tears. This would be a victory of the heart over the carnal body. It's just proof that we don't know what to do with our hearts.
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Byakuya Kuchiki (朽木 白 哉, Kuchiki Byakuya) is the 28th head of the Kuchiki family, one of the four great noble clans in the Soul Society. He is also the commander of the 6th Company in Gotei 13. His former vice-commander was Ginjirō Shirogane and his current vice-commander is Renji Abarai.


Byakuya has slate gray eyes and long black hair, which he has in curly white Headgear , Kenseikan called, wears to symbolize his status as opera head of the Kuchiki clan. He wears three on his head and two more on the right. In addition to the standard commander's uniform, he wears a white scarf that is woven by the master weaver Tsujishirō Kuroemon III. The scarf is made of silver-white, wind-blue light silk ( Ginpaku kazahana no uzuginu ) and is a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation and given to every opera head of the Kuchiki clan. The scarf alone is worth ten villas in Seireitei. He wears fingerless white tekkōs that only cover the back of his hands.

17 months after Aizen's defeat, Byakuya wears hairpieces on the back of his head, but it should be noted that these hairpieces are not are kenseikan . He wears a variant of the Commander Haori, a high collar with light gold edges and small, light gold tassels on the corners. The white scarf is no longer part of his clothing. Ten years after Yhwax's defeat, Byakuya returns to three Kenseikan on the head back


Byakuya is the head of the Kuchiki clan, one of the 4 noblest and most influential family soul societys. Because of this, Byakuya appears accordingly, because he always seems to be indifferent and calm towards other people, even when he is in a serious conflict with himself. Even in combat, he is extremely calm and rarely appears surprised, even when the opponent takes unusual actions. However, ironically, byakuya was very irritable and extremely hot-headed at a younger age, according to his grandfather Ginrei Kuchiki, as are Ichigo and Vice-Commander Renji Abarai now.
During the Soul Society saga, Byakuya behaved extremely arrogantly and ruthlessly towards his opponents, which can be seen from the fact that he attacked Ichigo with a technique he preferred called Senka, although Rukia asked him to spare Ichigo. Nevertheless, Byakuya is well aware of the limits of his abilities, which can be seen in the second fight. Because in this fight Byakuya gives up prematurely when he realizes that neither he nor Ichigo are able to continue fighting. One of the most outstanding characteristics of Byakuya is his sense of law and order, because as the head of one of the 4 noblest noble families Soul Societys he constantly tries to keep the peace. According to Byakuya, someone in his position must obey law and order because if he does not lead by example, no one will. Therefore, from his point of view, people who disregard the rules should be punished, even if it affects people whom Byakuya loves and who are important to him, which is in contrast to his cool behavior towards others.
Due to his noble descent and his high rank, Byakuya attaches great importance to an appropriate (respectful) address. However, Ichigo seems to ignore this, since he continues to call him Byakuya or Kuchiki Byakuya is addressing. Even his wife talked to him Byakuya-sama at. However, he also seems to make exceptions, for example with Yachiru Kusajishi, which him as Bya-kun or Byakushi appeals to. Byakuya probably allows it because Yachiru is still a child. Another person who has given him another name is Yoruichi Shihōin. She mostly calls him Byakuya-boy, probably to tease him.


Not much is known about Byakuya's past, except that he was friends with Yoruichi Shihōin as a child and often held a kind of Shunpo competition with her, where he always came off badly.
Although he now seems mostly calm and sometimes almost numb, he was completely different as a child. He was impatient and easy to irritate. Behavior that the spirit of his zanpakutos also showed in a filler story. In that filler, Shunsui Kyoraku and Jushiro Ukitake even tell that Byakuya was a real "brat" as a child and got upset quickly.

About 55 years before the actual Bleach storyline, Byakuya married Hisana, for which he disregarded the rules of his clan, since Hisana was not of noble blood, but came from Inuzuri in the Rukongai. Shortly before her death, Hisana asked Byakuya to find her sister, to adopt and to protect her like his own: Rukia, who was left behind by Hisana as an infant because it was impossible for her to survive and care for her at the same time. Hisana also asked him not to tell Rukia that she was her sister, because she had forfeited the right to call herself Rukia's sister by leaving Rukia behind as a baby ...
A year after this incident, Rukia entered the Shinigami Academy and was soon adopted by the Kuchiki clan, whereby Byakuya granted his wife's last wish and again disregarded the rules of the clan.
When Rukia was about to be executed, it initially seemed as if Byakuya did not care much from the outside, but he was in a serious conflict with himself. If he intervened, he would break the promise he had previously made at his parents' grave had given to act faithfully according to the laws from now on and to keep them - but if he did nothing, he would break his promise to Hisana that he would protect Rukia as his sister. For this reason he feels very grateful to Ichigo, who opened his eyes during the fight.


1st saga: substitute hinigami

Byakuya appears for the first time during a mission together with his vice-commander Renji Abarai. Your mission is to capture Rukia and kill the Shinigami who received Rukia's powers. When they find Rukia and want to take her into custody, Uryuu Ishida comes to her aid. After Ishida insulted the Shinigami in general, a brief fight ensues between Renji and Ishida, which the commander observes. When Ishida is defeated, Ichigo Rukia comes to the rescue and turns out to be the wanted Shinigami. At this moment Byakuya recognizes the Shinigami who recently injured a Menos Grande and put him to flight. A fight ensues between Renji and Ichigo, which Renji initially dominates with his Shikai, until Ichigo's reiatsu suddenly grows strongly and Renji almost defeats. Even before Ichigo starts the final blow, his Zanpakuto's blade is broken and he realizes that Byakuya has destroyed his blade. Then Ichigo is instantly defeated from the front and when he is about to go down, he is attacked again from behind and mocked by Byakuya for his weakness. Renji apologizes that the commander had to intervene, but Byakuya simply says that if he never fights, his skills will also rust. Rukia is eventually captured and they leave Ichigo injured.
In Seireitei, Byakuya announces to his sister in the prison cell that she should be executed after 25 days and leaves the room. Then he meets the commanders of the 3rd and 11th companies, Gin Ichimaru and Kenpachi Zaraki, without their aides. Byakuya and Kenpachi disagree, but before there is a fight, Kenpachi is tied up by Gin and abducted.

2nd saga: Soul Society

After Ichigo and his friends arrive at the Soul Society and Ganju, with the help of Hanatarō Yamada, was almost able to save Rukia, Byakuya appears and stops them from doing so. When Renji tries to free Rukia after this incident, Byakuya stops him too. And although Renji uses his Bankai and goes to the extreme, Byakuya has little trouble defeating him. Ultimately, Ichigo manages to save Rukia from Sōkyoku at the last second, but Byakuya intervenes and a long fight between him and Ichigo begins. Both use their Bankai, but Ichigo's lack of experience with his Bankai and Byakuya, who uses a more powerful form of his Bankai, mean that Ichigo is left behind in the fight for the time being. However, the inner hollow in Ichigo appears briefly and seriously injures Byakuya. After Ichigo regains control of his inner hollow, Byakuya explains that neither of them have enough strength to continue fighting and suggests that the fight be ended with the next attack. Both collect all of their remaining reiatsu once more to perform the final blow, but Byakuya's sword Hakuteiken breaks in the collision of the Zanpakuto, and he gives up the fight.
Later, when AizenGin orders Rukia to be killed, Byakuya reappears and prevents Rukia from being hit by Gin's Shikai, but is himself wounded in the attack. After the three traitors leave Soul Society for Hueco Mundo, Byakuya tells Rukia all about her sister and why she was adopted while his injuries are being treated, even if he breaks his promise to Hisana. Then he apologizes to Rukia and thanks Ichigo.

3rd saga: Bount

He fights against Jin Kariya in Rukongai and when Ichigo joins later, Byakuya does not allow him to interfere and finally fights against both of them. Together with Yoruichi, he later watches the final fight between Ichigo and Kariya, with the task of using his sword to prevent Kariya from further detonating Jokaisho.

4th saga: Arrancar

Byakuya only has a brief, albeit important, appearance here, as he explains to Rukia and Renji that his only job is to bring them back to Soul Society. So, indirectly, it allows you to do whatever you want with it once you reach Soul Society. Of course, he knows that the two of them would go to Hueco Mundo to stand by Ichigo and his colleagues and to save Orihime, which is why he also advises them to wear clothing to protect themselves from the sandstorms in Hueco Mundo.

5th saga: Hueco Mundo 1 and 7th saga: Hueco Mundo 2

After a while, Byakuya himself appears in Hueco Mundo and saves Rukia from Zommari Rureaux, who describes himself as the fastest of all Espada. Zommari also says that Byakuya's pride and arrogance would seal his defeat, to which Byakuya replies that the mere difference in their strengths is decisive in the battle. While Zommari rates them both as Espada and in command of a company as being equivalent in strength, Byakuya is sure that no Arrancar can compete with him. Byakuya also demonstrates a shunpot technique that he learned from Yoruichi Shihouin, but never wanted to use. In this way he proves that Zommari Rureaux 'Gemelos Sonído cannot even begin to keep up with his abilities. To prove Byakuya wrong, Zommari frees his Zanpakutō and takes control of Byakuya's left leg, whereupon Byakuya severed the tendon of the leg to make it impossible for the opponent to use it against him. After that, Zommari tries to take control of Rukia's entire body, whereupon Byakuya protects her with his own body, which leads to Zommari gaining control of his left arm. However, Byakuya also severed its tendon. Now Hanatarō Yamada appears to heal Rukia, but Byakuya advises him to stay in the background, otherwise he could drag him into the fight. However, Zommari manages to take full control of Rukia by taking control of her head and causes her to slit Hanatarō's chest. Zommari then warns Byakuya to drop his sword, otherwise he would make Rukia cut open his carotid artery. Byakuya drops his Zanpakuto, but immediately uses Bakudō # 61 to banish Rukia and immobilize her. Then Byakuya activates his Bankai in the Gōkei form and attacks Zommari with it. Although the latter can protect itself to a limited extent by withdrawing into the lower half of its body, it is still seriously injured.

After he reappears, he berates Byakuya and furiously screams why Shinigami are taking the right to attack and kill Hollows. He also explains that Shinigami are arrogant by claiming that hollows are bad. Byakuya replies that he isn't attacking him because he's a hollow, but because Zommari is pointing the gun at his pride. By this he means that Zommari wanted his sister to fight him with dirty tricks. Finally, he kills Zommari with a swipe of the sword through his entire upper body. Then Byakuya orders Isane Kotetsu to come out of her hiding place and take care of Rukia and Hantarō. When Rukia wakes up during the healing process, she is shocked to see that Byakuya has lost his haori and is injured, but Byakuya ignores her concern and instead tells her to recover as they are all facing a tremendous struggle. Some time later, he and Zaraki save Ichigo from Yammy and argue over who can fight Yammy.

10. Saga: Zanpakutō Rebellion

A zanpakuto named Muramasa takes control of many zanpakuto in the Soul Society. At the beginning you see Byakuya training with Renji when Byakuya suddenly ends the training after a splinter of Senbonzakuras cut his hand. At the beginning of the rebellion, Byakuya had to face Senbonzakura. After a short fight, Senbonzakura attacks his former master with his Shikai and throws him into a building. From then on, Byakuya is considered to have disappeared. He does not reappear until some time later, but surprisingly takes the side of Muramasa. Byakuya appears in the barracks of the 6th Company, where he and Senbonzakura are attacked by Renji and Zabimaru. However, Renji and Zabimaru lose the fight.
Byakuya later fights Zaraki while Senbonzakura is busy with Ichigo. When Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō appears, the fight ends and Byakuya disappears with Senbonzakura. Soon after, Muramasa's real goal is revealed: to free his master Kouga Kuchiki, who was sealed away with a seal by Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai and Ginrei Kuchiki many years ago. Shortly before the fight between Byakuya and Kouga, it is explained that Byakuya and Senbonzakura continued their fight and Byakuya had already brainwashed his Zanpakuto. Byakuya also explains that his betrayal was only faked so that he could find out where Kouga is, as his grandfather Ginrei told him that the head of the Kuchiki clan is always responsible for killing Kouga if the seal is broken.

Muramasa is betrayed and killed by Kouga Kuchiki shortly after he freed Kouga Kuchiki, freeing the Hollows that Muramasa had absorbed over the years. Kouga quickly realizes that Byakuya belongs to the Kuchiki clan and the fight begins. Kouga uses various tricks and Kido to fight Byakuya, but he is not impressed. Then Kouga manages to disarm and freeze Byakuya and storms towards him with his weapon, one of the lances that were used to seal Kouga. The lance stops when Senbonzakura, about 10 meters away, materializes between the two opponents. Kouga is shocked that the sword frees itself. After Senbonzakura has freed his master, he uses his bankai. Byakuya explains that Kouga has no chance because he is fighting against 2 opponents (Byakuya and Senbonzakura). In the end, Byakuya manages to defeat Kouga.

Shinigami Golden Cups

This "saga" is more like a series of short films at the end of each bleach episode. It can be assumed that the topics that appear there are based on omakes. In these short films, Byakuya, as improbable as it may seem, is very often portrayed in a funny way. For example, he not only takes Renji's place at the meetings of the vice commanders when he is unable to do so, but also Rukia's seat in the Shinigami women’s organization, which he says, “As a commanding officer, you are obliged to fulfill your obligations to take over his vice-commander, if he is not able to do so. " dismisses. Renji then asks him again why he is also attending Rukia's appointments, which he only answers with a lustful grin. He also mischievously remarked to Renji that he was using Senbonzakura to cut his hair.But when he admits that it was just a joke, Renji is shocked because he did not expect a joke from his serious commander.

In an Omake chapter, Byakuya also remarks that life is not made for fun. Because of this, he developed a game concept that should never be fun. It is also known that Byakuya has a rather moderate artistic talent, although his taste in art partially coincides with that of Rukia. This comes to light during a sand sculpture competition. There Byakuya creates the "Ambassador of the algae"that of Rukia because of his seeming Form is described as a "miracle of creativity", whereas her sculpture looks more or less terrible. Furthermore, Rukia thinks that her big brother is way ahead of her in terms of artistic creativity.

The Lost Substitute Shinigami Saga

Byakuya reappears for the first time after Ichigo is betrayed by the Xcution. Byakuya, like many other Shinigami, previously transferred part of his reiatsu into the blade, which restores Ichigo's powers. When Hitsugaya explains several things to Ichigo, Byakuya is the one who interrupts him with a request to focus on the upcoming fighting for a while.

After Yukio has locked everyone in his full bring with the help of his improved skills, Byakuya faces his opponent Shūkurō Tsukishima. He explains right at the beginning of the fight that he despises Tsukishima's fighting style of manipulating others. At first the fight seems to be in favor of the fullbring user, as he knows Byakuya's attacks by heart thanks to his ability and knows his weak points. After many attacks on both sides, the Shinigami can still win the victory. He leaves the virtual world and leaves his badly injured opponent behind.

After all commanders and vice-commanders have come together, they make their way back to the Soul Society. The reason for this is that you should only monitor Ichigo's decision regarding Kūgo Ginjō and your mission is over. After Ichigo has won against Ginjo, Ginjo goes to the Soul Society to ask the commanders for the dead body of Kugo. Byakuya is one of those who will answer this request.

The Thousand Year Blood War Saga

Byakuya holds the funeral oration for Chōjirō Sasakibe and explains his loyalty to Yamamoto