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Presents: The villagers' favorite presents - Stardew Valley

While you are building your own farm in Stardew Valley and enjoying a good life as a farmer, you can interact with other villagers, marry them and even have children with them. So that you can build a healthy friendship with the NPCs, you give them Gifts that they like. However, you have to be careful when choosing gifts. You can find them in our guide Favorite and hate gifts of all villagers.

Can this bone from Stardew Valley also act as a gift?

In Stardew Valley you can meet 30 villagers. However, only take ten of these Gifts contrary - that's five bachelors and five bachelors. By developing an intimate relationship with the NPCs, you can even marry and have children with some of them. The ten villagers - whom we will introduce to you in more detail below - have Gifts that you love, like, dislike or even hate. Below you will find an overview of all characters and their favorite and hate gifts.

Stardew Valley: gifts for every resident

Some items are loved by all villagers, while others are hated by all. Therefore, here is a brief overview of which gifts are well received by all ten possible bachelors and which they detest:

  • Loves every resident: Prismatic Shard and Rabbit's Foot
  • Every resident likes it: Apple, apricot, cherry, orange, peach and pomegranate, maple syrup and coffee
  • Neutral gifts: Bread, Fried Eggs, Hops and Wheat
  • antipathy against: Cave Carrot, Driftwood, Geode, Oak Resin, Oil, Pine Tar, Rice and Vinegar
  • Every resident hates: Bat Wing, Carp, Hay, Ore, Poppy, Sap, Seaweed, Snail and Weeds.

Here you can find a list of the best gifts for all available bachelors and bachelorettes. Your likes and dislikes for certain gifts can be found in the respective tables.

Gifts for Alex: likes and dislikes

Alex has im Summer 13 Birthday and loves to do some exercise on the beach. He's pretty arrogant and wants to become a professional athlete at some point. If you want to improve your relationship with him, you should consider his likes and dislikes Gifts note:

LovesComplete Breakfast and Salmon Dinner
LikeCoral, eggs, green bean, pizza, potato, salad, spaghetti and tomato
Don't likeClay, Copper, Field Snack, Joja Cola, Salmonberry, Sea Urchins and Wild Horseradish
HatesGrape, Grape Jelly, Poppy, Quartz and Stone

Gifts for Abigail: likes and dislikes

Abigail is the daughter of Caroline and Pierre and has Case 13 Birthday. Although the relationship with her mother is a bit difficult, she lives with her parents in the general store. These Gifts loves and hates her:

LovesAmethyst, Blackberry Cobbler, Chocolate Cake, Pufferfish, Pumpkin and Spicy Eel
LikeClam, Crocus, Honey, Maple Syrup, Mayonnaise, Quartz, Salad, Sweet Pea, Topaz and Tulip
Don't likeEggs, Fruit, Obsidian, Oyster, Sardine, Sugar, Vegetables, Wheat Flour and Wild Horseradish
HatesAlgae, Clay, Copper Ore, Elven Jewelry, Golden Punpkin, Sap, Slime and Stone

If you have developed the relationship enough, the characters get closer.

Gifts for Elliott: likes and dislikes

Elliott celebrates on Case 5 his birthday and lives alone in a hut on the beach. He is a scribe and hopes one day he will come up with a great novel. The following Gifts does he like or hate:

LovesCrab Cakes, Duck Feather, Lobster, Prismatic Shard and Tom Kha Soup
LikeAmethyst, Chocolate Cake, Cheese, Cookies, Corn, Hot Pepper, Ice Cream, Jade, Salad, Sweet Pea, Topaz and Tilapia
Don't likeApricot, Coal, Copper, Malachite, Pizza, Seaweed, Sea Urchin, Snow Yam and Spring Onion
HatesAmaranth, Joja Cola, Poppy, Salmonberry, Sea Cucumber and Stone

Gifts for Haley: likes and dislikes

Haley is Emily's sister and celebrates her birthday at Spring 14. She acts like a diva most of the time - she's also pretty lazy. With these Gifts do you make her happy:

LovesCoconut, Fruit Salad, Pink Cake and Sunflower
LikeAmethyst, Aquamarine, Cherry, Coffee, Cookies, Crocus, Diamond, Ice Cream, Sashimi, Sweet Pea and Wild Honey
Don't likeCoal, Crab, Gold Bar, Hot Pepper, Jasper, Joja Soda, Quartz and Vegetables
HatesClay, Prismatic Shard, Stone and Wild Horseradish

Gifts for Harvey: likes and dislikes

Harvey is the doctor of Stardew Valley and has in Winter 14 Birthday. Although he is a bit old for a bachelor, he has a very big heart towards his fellow men. These Gifts does he like or hate:

LovesCoffee, Pickled Corn, Pickled Eggplant, Pickled Hops and Wine (Blackberry and Grape)
LikeAmethyst, Blackberry, Crocus, Corn, Hot Pepper, Pale Ale, Parsnip, and Wild Honey
Don't likeCheese, Copper, Clay, Field Snack, Hay, Oil, Red Mushroom and Sap
HatesCoral, Nautilus Shell, Rainbow Shell, Salmonberry, Sugar, Spice Berry and Sea Urchin

Gifts for Leah: likes and dislikes

Leah lives in a small hut outside the village. She has in Winter 23 Birthday and she loves being outside in nature. The talented artist is delighted with the following Gifts:

LovesGoat Cheese, Salad, Vegetable Stew and Wine
LikeBlackberry, Chocolate Cake, Coral, Earth Crystal, Hops, Horseradish, Mayonnaise, Milk, Salmonberry, Tulip and Wild Honey
Don't likeAcorn, Bread, Cherry Bomb, Clay, Cookies, Ice Cream, Pink Cake, Pizza, Quartz, Seaweed, Sunfish and Topaz
HatesBat-Wing, Bug Meat, Carp, Copper Ore, Glass Shard, Iron Ore, Pancakes, Sea Urchin, Slime and Snail

Gifts for Sam: likes and dislikes

Sam is a nice guy and he has Buzzer 17 Birthday. He plays guitar and drums and therefore wants to start a band with Sebastian - Jodi and Kent are his parents. With the following Gifts makes her Sam happy:

LovesCactus Fruit, Maple Bar, Pizza, and Prismatic Shard
LikeAmethyst, Cheese, Cookies, Diamond, Ice Cream, Jade, Joja Cola, Spaghetti and Wild Honey
Don't likeCopper, Flower, Hay, Hazelnut, Quartz, Plums, Potato and Seaweed
HatesAnchor, Bait, Bat-Wing, Mayonnaise, Pickles, Red Mushroom, Sap, Slime and Stone

Sam likes the gift - it strengthens your friendship.

Gifts for Maru: likes and dislikes

Maru is Sebastian's half-sister and she loves working with tools and machines. She has in Buzzer 10 Birthday and is the daughter of Robin and Demetrius. These Gifts likes or hates them:

LovesBattery Pack, Cauliflower, Cheese, Diamond, Gold Bar, Iridium Bar and Rhubarb Pie
LikeAmethyst, Copper Bar, Earth Crystal, Iron Bar, Sweet Pea, Quartz, Topaz and Vegetables
Don't likeCelestine, Cherry Bomb, Clay, Frozen Geode, Maple Syrup, Nekoite, Orpiment and Solar Essence
HatesBlackberry, Field Snack, Pickles, Salmonberry Stone, Truffles and Wild Honey

Gifts for Sebastian: likes and dislikes

Sebastian is Maru's older half-brother. He loves video games, comic books, and sci-fi novels and has im Winter 10 Birthday. Sebastian doesn't particularly like people he doesn't know. These Gifts he likes and hates:

LovesFrozen Tear, Obsidian, Pumpkin Soup, Sashimi and Void Egg
LikeAmethyst, Coffee, Cookies, Diamond, Ice Cream, Pizza, Ruby, Spaghetti, Topaz and Vegetables
Don't likeCopper, Hazelnut, Lumber, Melons, Nekoite, Purple Mushroom, Snow Yam and Spring Onion
HatesBlueberry Jelly, Cheese, Eggs, Glass Shards, Joja Cola, Mayonnaise, Pale Ale, Sea Urchin and Wild Honey

Gifts for Penny: likes and dislikes

Penny lives with her mother Pam in a trailer by the river. She has in Case 2 Birthday and she is the teacher of Vincent and Jas. With these Gifts will she like or hate you:

LovesDiamond, Emerald, Melon, Red Plate, Roots Platter, Poppy, Sandfish and Tom Kha Soup
LikeAmethyst, Cheese, Chocolate Cake, Cookies, Crocus, Earth Crystal, Fairy Rose, Frozen Tear, Green Bean, Ice Cream, Milk, Potato, Salad, Sunflower, Tulip and Wild Honey
Don't likeCopepr Ore, Crab, Joja Cola, Maple Seed, Opal, Quartz, Salmonberry, Sea Urchin and Sunfish
HatesBat Wing, Carp, Golden Pumpkin, Rusty Spoon, Rusty Spur, Stone, Slime and Wine

You can find more tips and tricks in our beginner's guide. If you want to know how you can earn money quickly, read up on the second linked guide so that you can also see all the achievements of Stardew Valley can unlock.

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